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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 64
June 2008
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Eliters Loves Mothers Badge Winners

Congratulations to the following Eliters who earned the Eliters Loves Mothers Badge:

  • Bgy: smiles19023
  • Bowlp: hairy840, lynne2008, rodgsherrp
  • Criby: akikkiz3, angelina35464, amybear1967, barry89741, bricook002, , diamond4460,  my76elci, pegin431, perfect29_1, ryry232333,
  • Doy: ris0319, harleycowboy25, johnchukwu60, xthetank2masterx, xthetank2masterx, idostyling1, kingdominoXL, krnhny13, jawadrashid_2000, smiles19023, green2thereturn, dkelly19702000, Sopomah, inewfie1, lawman.20695, boomereliter
  • Euchp: angiendave84, squeakylplayer, thundergoddess71, islandgirl531, himher269, nottobadlol
  • Euchy: amybear1967, b2mama0601, BeachPatV, birdmik, callitigot2, debzgame, dino23r, feedthecribnow, halahco2, highhopes2win, jbailey435, lindsayjo1501, lynx0977, nottobadlol, one_baddoggy, pokergoblue, Sarah21108, smitty8ball, springbyu, yepperroos
  • Giny: annettelewis05, anyone4agame, blue_max42, catnap4755, Chouettelady, crazynurse26, darkprincess4, deefornc, ginjunkie_2008, ginmaster333, hoehand2, icedt_95, irishangel2u, jbailie4135, jetpowr, msloweroxx, owbo88, Rascal_Brat_1, relentless29, sea55102, want12, zarrmonster
  • Lity: leowoman034, syncrho111, Yahzoooo
  • Pinoy: club_kidz01, crispy1007, criminally_insaneus, dallascowloyz30, drsally3, in_your_face_twit, pinkrose_41_58, silverladyAZ, whiteboy19889,  
  • Pool9d:  MoodyrBlue, SpotYaThe7, SusqCoBabe, TurboTim555,
  • Poolp: pennhillssoccer1, SOSAEH626 
  • Qwertyp: DMDesiderata, pdhachleplayer, prexie91
  • Snookd: bosshogg, snookernutz
  • Spady: cnachick242007, peppperettte, wisemanwiseowl

Full Badge Standings

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