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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 64
June 2008
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GameDesire Pool9D

Online 9-ball pool is played with nine color balls (1 to 9) and the cue ball. On each stroke, a player must hit the cue ball against the lowest numbered ball on the table. Our great TD team will offer you tourneys based on the following popular formats:

Regular 9ball

Played on rated tables. 9ball on break does not count for single games or the last ball tourney.

9Ball Last

Played on unrated tables.  The 9Ball must be the last ball on the table before it can be potted. If you sink the 9Ball before it is the last ball, you lose and your opponent will advance.  The exception to this rule is when you Scratch and the 9ball comes back on table.  The players should continue the game.   Please call the TD to the table if verification is needed.  Winner needs to be declared at the table by the computer.

Early Ball

Played on rated tables.  The 9Ball must be potted early to win the game.  If the 9ball is that last ball on the table, call TD to verify then stop the game and restart. There is a 3 games limit; if no winner after 2 games, last game is played Regular.

We are currently working on trying to add new formats. Stay tuned for updates.

9ball has a truly great group of TDs who take great pride in being part of the best team there is with the most awesome, friendly and helpful players.  New TDs are always welcome. If you wish to fill out an application, click here for TD Application.

The 9ball team consists of SusqCoBabe (HA and DPA); MoodyrBlue AA (Jo from Louisiana); bricook002 (TGL from Massachusetts); and SpotYaThe7 (SusqCoBabe’s better half and original BadBoy) GL.

If you'd like to give 9ball a try, but are not sure how to play, you can contact any member of the 9ball staff, and they'd be more than happy to help you get started.  The staff members are always eager to show new players how to play and explain the various formats.


For more information on Pool9d click here

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