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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 65
July 2008
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People Updates

We want to extend our sympathies to boo21487 and his family on the loss of his brother Joe who suffered a heart attack while mowing the lawn.  Paramedics were called but still died en route to the hospital.  Joe was in great physical shape and all of 47 years old but had suffered with high blood pressure for years, so please make sure that you check yours the next time you are in a pharmacy.  Boo and Joe's 82 year old mother is taking this really badly and his wife and soul mate Vicky is devastated.  

Posted by e911callagain:

It is with a very heavy heart and a sadness only those can understand (as I have been there myself) that I share publicly what has been going on the last week.

Many of you commented about my birthday but I definitely wasn't in the mood for celebrating and this being the reason why.

On my birthday, my nephew, Zach, was found floating face down in his pool after being in the water for what appears to be about 5 minutes. His father found him after all security measures that were in place had been compromised.

Last week things took a turn for what was thought to be a good sign, however, things changed dramatically. Zach was declared brain dead on Friday, June 20th.

Zach was kept alive via life support so that his organs could be harvested and given to other people who needed them to continue their life. His liver is going to California for a child who's life expectancy had been guesstimated to be about 1 more week.

Zach was declared dead on Sunday morning around 0600hrs. My heart aches, my soul hurts and I only accept this sadness as other children are receiving the gift of life with the passing of Zach.

With all that being said... I encourage all of you to educate yourselves in CPR. While CPR training most likely would not have saved Zach, every family should know how to perform this lifesaving act. Its a simple course to take. For information regarding finding a local CPR course in your area, please contact me via email at e911callagain@yahoo.com.

I also encourage you all to explore Organ Donation. While Zach has left us, he lives in our families hearts and in the body of a California child.

God rest your soul Zach. 18 months old is too soon for you to be called home.

I am an organ donor - are you?

Our prayers also go out to Happyfeet6373 and her family on the sudden passing of her 5 year old nephew.

In Memoriam - posted by MoodyrBlue  -TJ (noitseuqemksa) on what would have been your 26th Birthday. You were a great friend to me and alot of other eliters and you are greatly missed. I will never forget you and you will always have a place in my heart. Love you, Your Jammy

PS. its a bittersweet day today, since its also my 7 yr Eliters anniversary. but I am proud to share this day with you

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