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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 65
July 2008
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Dear Eliters

Dear Eliters,
Can you please tell Steve that he can remove the Gum off his Shoe by using alcohol or peanut butter. He's leaving a mess all over Eliters!
Ghost Writer

Dear Eliters,
What do you suggest I do to remove the bags under my eyes? - Lisaleasah

Dear Lisa:  I have it on good authority that the best thing to use is Hemorrhoid cream.  However, since you are really cheap - you should probably stick with used teabags or cucumber. You might want to consider giving up one of your 10 Eliters jobs and getting more sleep. 

Dear Eliters,
I am sick of all the sex talk in the lobby.  More_play_less_sex

Dear More,  Me too!

Dear Eliters,
I am thinking about becoming a TD - if you had to pick three factors that make a TD successful, what would they be?  Maybe

Dear Maybe

Well I have hosted an awful lot of tourneys and played in an awful lot of tourneys and my personal vote would be for:

Consistency - players get to know TDs and become familiar with their tourneys when they host on a consistent basis, preferably in a consistent manner and apply the rules consistently.

On time starts matter - its just plain rude to be inconsiderate of someone else's time, players don't like it and late starts generally mess up the following tourneys too.

Be entertaining - players come here to get away from it all.  Hosting is about keeping them entertained, engaging them and making them all feel welcome.   

Give hosting a try, it truly is fun.

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