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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 66
August 2008
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Hall of Fame

Eliters Hall of Fame members continue to grow - remember these are historical statistics, which is a great indication of the skill level of our players. 

Note: Changes from previous month are shown in Blue.

Divisions Champions (EDS)

  • theboop512002 remains in first place with 80 stars.
  • kingdominoXL remains in second place with 74 stars.
  • Lemmy717 remains in third place with a total of 67 stars.

Eliters Olympic Champions

  • TOPWATER95945 maintains the top Olympic Medalist slot with 16 Gold Medals and 35 in total mikey444u remains in the the second spot with 8 Gold Medals and a total of 18 medals.
  • lllloggyllll remains in third place with 7 Gold Medals and 15 medals in total.  

TOC Champions

  • lllloggyllll maintains the first place spot with 31 victories.
  • yeppagehog is in second place with 28 victories.
  • TOPWATER95945  remains in third place with 24 TOC victories.

Decathlon Champions

  • boomereliter remains in the top spot with 28 victories.
  • heyyou300000 is stays in second spot with 21 victories
  • kingdominoXL  remains in the third spot with 19 victories.

Marathon Champions

  • Buskey1980 and runaway0509 maintain the lead with 14 victories in total.
  • crispy1007, kingdominoXL, player64457, lllloggyllll and yeppagehog share second place with 12 wins.
  • adclerk2001 is in the third spot with 11 wins

Battle of the Sexes (BOS) Champions

  • Buskey1980 is in the top spot with 25 BOS wins.
  • Adclerk2001 is in second place with 23 wins.
  • elmwoodplebis is in third place with 21 wins.

Congratulations to all who won these fun Eliters Events. Compete in next month's events for more opportunities to become a Hall of Famer.

Check out the Hall of Fame

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