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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 66
August 2008
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Dear Eliters

Dear Eliters,

I have a complaint. I'm sooo tired!  I cannot seem to get off the computer early enough to get my proper sleep! There's late-night cribbage, vampires in Euchy, and that Dragon in Doms stays up all night! Then  I sometimes have weekly Canasta therapy....what's a tired gal to do??
Insomniac Central

Dear Insomniac - sleep during the day!

Dear Eliters,

I am struggling to win a game in Eliters.  I thought I was pretty good before I joined.  But now I lose more games than I win.  I play gin, backgammon and cribbage.  Any suggestions?  So-so-player-now

Dear so-so,

I can relate to this.  I thought I was a really good cribbage player until I joined Eliters.  The fact is that the level of competition is really high here.  You get to play against some of the best I have ever seen.  The only way to improve is to play - a lot!  Watch the best players and learn from them.  My pegging improved considerably thanks to criminally_insaneus and perfect29_1.  Now I have a fighting chance.  I strongly recommend playing in as many Marathon tourneys as possible.  Not only can you win YEPs for most played and or/won, but the games tend to be straightforward and the player base varied.  I have limited experience with other games but I do know that for cribbage, playing real life games is an advantage because you are forced to count for yourself.  This allows you to make rapid decisions.   Bottom line - keep on playing! 

Dear Eliters,

Do you have a good recipe for fudge?  Hungry in Hoboken

Dear Hungry,

No, but I'll bet our cooking club does.  Join it and try it out.

Dear Eliters,

My husband wants more kids,  I want more dogs.  What do you suggest?  We already have one of each.   Perplexed in Poughkeepsie

Dear Perplexed,

I'd call it a draw.  Hey, if I had answers to stuff like this I wouldn't be editing this newsletter.  Seriously though, there are lots of both species who desperately want to be adopted.  Either way, be happy - you have a kid and a dog - not half bad.

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