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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 68
October 2008
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People Updates


For those of you that are unaware of what the posting Rebecca (Beth) Boswell 1969-2008 is all about, let me explain for Ray (Lawman)

Beth is Lawman.20695/Kujo_59's wife, spouse, love of his life, etc.

After midnight on the 27th September Ray found Beth laying unconcious and unresponsive beside their bed. He attempted to administer CPR. Medics arrived and was unable to revive her and Beth was determined to have passed sometime before 3:19am when I received the offline from Ray saying she was gone.

Thanks to Luxy for updating us all on the situation.  I doubt there was a dry eye in Eliters when we read his message on Sunday.  Our prayers and love go out to Lawman and his family.

Health Issues

SusqCoBabe and neidert99 are both having surgery this month.  Our best wishes for successful and easy recoveries.

heavenangelpinochle spoke with Iva (foxydoniva) recently -

I just got off the phone with Iva. She told me that a couple of weeks ago, a scan found bleeding on the brain. She said she is paralyzed on her right side, but is receiving physical therapy, and said she has noticed some improvement since beginning therapy. She told me the doctors said the paralysis is permanent, but she has not given up hope for regaining some mobility.

Her speech is impacted by the paralysis on the right side, but I could understand her just fine. She said her son is going to get her connected to the internet, and then she will be online. She is right handed, and will have to learn to navigate with her left hand.

I'm going to be visiting her on Friday, October 10th; I'll be in the Bloomington area that weekend.

Keep the cards and best wishes coming folks, it always helps. 

tenor12bucks posted the following:

Many of you know I've been online only sporadically for some time, as I haven't been feeling well.

I had an abnormal stress test today, and I've been scheduled for a cardiac catheterization Wednesday (where they snake a catheter from the groin into the heart and look at arteries, and stent if necessary).

Your thoughts and prayers are genuinely appreciated. I know I'll be back with you soon.

MoodyrBlue's sister had heart surgery last week - she is not doing well.  The Doctors say she is going to make it but her kidneys have failed and she has stopped producing blood. 

Please keep all of them and their families in your prayers.

Take the Dare!

I Dare each and every Eliter to say at LEAST 1 good thing about another Eliter today! There is only one rule to this... Replying to something someone said about you doesn't count!!  - romanticnotions8   

Other Stuff

As for the rest - well clearly September has been a do-nothing month.  No one did anything, no one accomplished anything, no one went on any special trips and no one celebrated anything.

Let's hope that October is a DO-SOMETHING MONTH! 

If you had some news and I have overlooked it, its only because I don't know (remember I am old) - send me your news please please please!


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