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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 68
October 2008
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Dear Eliters

Dear Eliters,

Do you believe in online love?  no_match.com in Michigan

Dear no_match - Well, I believe in love.  I know that online love can and does happen.  Sadly, I have also seen the devastation and pain that can occur when online runs into real life.  The odds are very much against online love ever becoming long term, true love.  I have seen and heard of more horror stories than happy stories.  But that doesn't make me an expert either way.  All I know is that real life is hard enough...

Dear Eliters,

My mom won't let me pierce my tongue or other parts.  What can I do to convince her to let me?  My grades are good, I'm 16 I should be able to do what I want.  Piercings in Paducah

Dear Paducah- Listen to your mom for now and wait a few years.  You may decide she had some clue after all.  Besides - it hurts and there are other ways to be cool. 

Dear Eliters,

I don't have the time to be a TD, but I would like to support the league - any suggestions?  Too Tired in Toronto

Dear Too Tired - Glad you asked.  Yes there are lots of ways to help Eliters.  Take advantage of premium membership, take the time to thank the TDs, support TDs in the deep dark hosting hours, help out new players, and remember to include newbies in lobby chat.  If your league offers 2x2 PS tourneys, it is always appreciated when players team up with newbies (and will always get a positive note from me if its my tourney).  Our best recruitment tool is our players.  When non-members see how much fun is being had in a professional, Elite environment, that's when they join too.  Always remember good sportsmanship counts - not just in gaming but also in real life!

Dear Eliters,

Are there any cool guys in Eliters?  Lonely in Lakeview

Dear Lonely - Yes.

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