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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 69
November 2008
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People Updates

iamsam2001   is recovering from surgery but still isn't out of the woods.  Please continue to keep sam in your prayers. 

desires_no1  - Mikey found out that he had suffered a mild heart attack and is now working hard on improving his diet, exercise and stress level.  It doesn't help that his mom is in and out of hospital too - please keep them in your prayers.

Foxydoniva (Iva Copperbarger) passed away on 10/24.  She was a very special lady and a great friend to many in PinoY.  Our condolences go out to her friends and family.

MoodyrBlue's sister passed away on 10/26 after a short but devastating illness.  She fought bravely but finally her weakened body just gave out.  Moody posted the following message: 

For those that have not heard by now, I lost 1 of my sisters at 845 this morning. She has been fighting for her life for a month, after she had heart surgery that went wrong. But God wanted her home with HIM, so now its time for our family to say "see you later" to her.

txbgood53 posted the following message on 10/26:

Wow, where do I begin. Sun the 19th I had a car wreck, have been in the hospital until Friday. I had to do a lot of things to save myself, tourniquet both legs (both cut and lost 2 pints of blood); try and climb out of a canyon. I was out alone for over 2 hours and with the Grace of God I am still alive. If He had not been with me I would not have made it. I am still not out of the woods yet.  I somehow ripped my right leg open and tore the skin from the muscle from knee to ankle. The Doctor said I created a cavity he could put his arm in from knee to ankle.

Now I have to ask for all of your help. It is important that I have prayers not to get infection and that the skin does not die. I still can lose my leg. During my week in hospital it gave me a lot of time to think. There are so many in here that have touched my life and that I love so much. Thru Eliters I have met some of the best people in the world. To those of you that have wished me the best know I wish the same for you and pray daily for you. I dont have any clue as to when I will be able to work again. I hope to pop in and say hi to everyone, but my # 1 priority is taking care of myself, so I can join you again soon.

During the entire ordeal Kenny Chesney's new CD was playing when nothing else on car was working. The song it played was "Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven, but just not today." Thru my faith and listening to the song it gave me the strength to accomplish what I did. The DPS, Doctors, EMT all said I should be dead. With that note, Please remember I love all of you so much and were not promised tomorrow, so remember to tell those you love how much you love them and what they mean. May God be with each of you thru this journey in life.

Jen (spadylady08) really needs prayers please. The doctors think that her father may have pancreatic cancer. Please pray for her and her family since they have been through so many losses in last few months. Thanks

Good News:

Congratulations to newfiecribber who walked away with the top prize ribbon in the FOGO ISLAND PARTRIDGEBERRY HARVEST FESTIVAL for her hook rug of a traditional Newfoundland setting titled "Days Gone By". 

Congratulations too to angelina35464 and diamond4460 - both of whom are looking forward to being grandparents early next year.

As you can tell I am mildly desperate for good news - last night in the lobby I asked peppperettte if she had any to share - she sort of gave me that blank cross-eyed response that I've been getting from everyone lately, well tonight - she got a 29 point hand in cribbage - her first hand in a two player game with Melona32.  The odds of this are a mere 1 in 216,580!   Congratulations!

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