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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 70
December 2008
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Raffle time

Raffle 60 is open for business folks!  Let's get this one done so we are ready for the big Raffle coming up after this!

Win some great prizes including Gold membership, EDS subscription, mouse pad, game stuff, and Big YEPs...

  • Raffles are restricted to Premium Members, and any member may buy up to 100 Tickets in any given Raffle.
  • The Raffle subscriber will be offered the chance to select the Raffle Ticket numbers.
  • YEPs will not be refunded, and Ticket numbers may not be changed, once Tickets are selected.
  • The draw for the Raffle will take place as soon as all Tickets have been sold.
  • Each Raffle will typically have 1 Grand prize, 1 Second prize, and 10 to 15 Merchandise prizes of similar value.
  • Winning numbers will be selected at random by the computer.
  • Winners will be announced on site and via email immediately.

    Remember if you don't play you can't win.  And please sign up before wonagametwice starts nagging again!

  • Get your tickets here

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