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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 71
January 2009
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Favorite Qwerty/Scrabble Tips

Have you ever wondered how folks are able to score well in Qwerty/Scrabble and win tourneys?   If so, you are not alone.   ANYONE can learn to play Qwerty/Scrabble better.  MANY Players improve over time.

Here are some suggestions that WILL help you improve in playing Qwerty/Scrabble:

  • Sometimes making the most points in Qwerty/Scrabble isn't as important as what you leave on your rack. Think about the letters you're leaving behind. Are they high point tiles that don't combine well together, or are you close to being able to make a bingo? Sometimes, playing fewer letters in Qwerty/Scrabble can help you get the tiles you need to make the big play. And at other times, playing a longer word with a lower score gives you the opportunity to refresh your rack, drawing tiles that could breathe life back into your game.
  • Most casual Qwerty/Scrabble players don't ever exchange their tiles, but it can be to your benefit to refresh your rack. If you're consistently making low-scoring plays, you may consider exchanging your tiles. Make sure you look carefully at all the plays you could make before doing so. There might just be a hidden gem in a mix of letters that seem impossible. But a good rule to remember while playing Qwerty/Scrabble - leave as few high-point tiles in your rack as possible.
  • Always look for plays parallel to words already on the Qwerty/Scrabble board (also known as stacking). You get points for every word you form, so while a word played alone may have a low score, the bonus from the words formed in conjunction with the parallel word can significantly increase your score.
  • Hooks are the one letter that will spell a new word when added either before or after a word already on the Qwerty/Scrabble board. For example, turn LUSH into BLUSH, HOST into GHOST, and COME into COMET and watch your points add up.
  • Managing the letters in your rack can help you to find the harder plays. We know that many words end with –S, -ED, -ER and -ING. If you have these letters in your rack, move them to the right. Likewise, many words begin with UN-, IN-, and RE-. Moving these letters to the left of your rack can help you to find words you might otherwise miss.
  • Shuffle your tiles on your rack looking for new words to possibly use. Sometimes by just jumbling your tiles around, you will be presented with new words you had not originally realized.
  • Learning more words, especially 2-letter words, 3-letter words, 3-4 J, X, and Z words, and words that contain mostly vowels will improve your game dramatically.
  • Play, play, play! The more you play, the better you will be at Qwerty/Scrabble.

Do you have a favorite tip that's worked for you? If so, please share some of your tips and strategies in the Qwerty Pogo Club.   Happy Spelling :)

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