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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 72
February 2009
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Battle of the Sexes Winners

Lots of trash talking and some action accompany this popular event. Even though we all know which sex is the strongest! Remember to support your gender in the world wide smash 'em and rub their noses in it event!

League Gender BOS Champion
Backgammon - Pogo M Buskey1980
Bowling - Pogo M Catman1807
Canasta - Pogo M worm78321
Canasta - Yahoo! F Wiggles0317
Canasta - Yahoo! F witz5658
Canasta - Yahoo! F bombiex420
Cribbage - Yahoo! M lastcamp2
Dominoes - GDesire M devilman_td
Dominoes - Pogo F pdbachleplayer
Dominoes - Yahoo! M one_baddoggy
Euchre - Pogo F lynne2008  okokyourtheboss
Euchre - Yahoo! M HerDude  kma22
Gin Rummy - Pogo F runaway0509
Gin Rummy - Yahoo! M uofmnsigmachi
Hearts - Yahoo! M passmethequeenplease  du_fuss00
No Limit Holdem - Pogo F cuteyetagain
Literati - Yahoo! M xxx_omg_xxx
Pinochle - Yahoo! M snoopwood2001  casperwlennox
Pinochle - Yahoo! F msloweroxx  Tamblyne
Pinochle - Yahoo! M watertowerman1  i82muchpi
Pinochle - Yahoo! M elmwoodplebis  jonpaul442000
Pinochle - Yahoo! F bingoville  myssqu
Pool 9 - GDesire M efren9reyes9
Pool - Yahoo! F sadie_7979
Qwerty - Pogo M MooseJunky99
Spades - Pogo F canadergurl  okokyourtheboss
Spades - Yahoo! M BearMusicEliters  macko_teddy

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