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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 72
February 2009
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Ninth Anniversary Party Badge

Congratulations to the following Eliters who earned the Ninth Anniversary Badge:

angiendave84 anyone4agame mikescubsP
dominosman45 angelwingz5526 diablo_1959_2000
perfect29_1 word_warrior_1 newfiemoose5
omacando2001 krahi61 blue_max42
SlamDoc21 specman29 cdsinagain1
grgrandma3p joewall97526 Wiggles0317
timbowindsor BeachPatV zarmonster
efren9reyes9 oganfinaldestiny MamaBear764
smiles19023 michaela96666 qalaxy77
VelvetClawz Damsel719 barryott
kingdominoXL one_baddoggy evaland2040
crafty12514 golfinmom56 raych4eliters
homercat671 kysha41 marlastrauss1
sharkman608 okokyourtheboss bjcutie_69
my76elci thundergoddess71 Boomer9X9
rollr311 shotokan@ymail.com idostyling1
kandykisses32007 MRSEGADS snowoman22
kenney429 rickie770 annettelewis05
WeatherwLOLZ narrfest halifax_bluesox
PapaBear1659 xSaMi88x singlesoul_1999
rg101_ca bravesbabe1970 TurboTim555
squeakylplayer dad_ace pdbachleplayer
watertowerman1 wolverinemarky vtspirit1
eliters8ballman beloved_jade bddscs1
aecutiee16 boomereliter DMDesiderata
xspadezdevilx peppperettte devilman_td
MJavy5 cakebake21player leowoman034
elmwoodplebis kimnd470 fierydragon36
buttersoft1248 dennisbar11 dino23r
Catman1807 badandy19 xthetank2masterx
Tamblyne MrRedFox_au cowboyz1973
Magic18400 capgunbullet balouza
uofmnsigmachi lynne2008 one_badkitty
pennhillssoccer1 worm78321 crazynurse26
MadamDixie7 capdowg04 msloweroxx

Complete Badge Standings

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