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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 72
February 2009
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People Updates

It was with great sadness that we read the update on yeahicrackmeuptoo.  As most of you know Byron has been struggling with ill health for some time now and earlier this month, he was admitted to a nearby hospice.  Byron has entrusted his legacy to his son Leonard under the name inherited_acct who posted the following sad note:

Joey and other Eliters, my Dad is doing better and asked me to take his account, so I have. I wont TD, but I enjoy a game of gin almost as much as my Dad does. If this is not acceptable, it is going to upset my father, but I will certainly understand. He asked me to thank you for your prayers Joey and to tell Linda that I will take over the horrorscope for him. (he gave me the web addy he gets it from).  I will keep you posted on his status. He is down to 150 lbs and looks like the scarecrow he keeps in his garden but has such a strong will, I know that he will fight his way back and at such time, I will happily relinquish his acct. back to him. He told me Heather or Lisa or Steve would let me know if the transfer is legitimate or not. He also warned me to stay out of the political club for some reason. Dad loves you people and says you are family. Thats good enough for me. Rock on Eliters.   If anyone knows how to make a mouthy old man quit telling me what to say, please clue me in!

Please continue to send your prayers in Byron's direction.  I know I miss him terribly, but am enjoying getting to know Len better.

ButterPecanPeachyPie's mom has been re-admitted to the hospital.  Read her Jan 27th message.   On a more positive note, we want to congratulate Beth on receiving her degree - this will enable her to be a cook in nursing homes, an area where she will shine.

We are happy to report that anewday48's surgery went really well.  She had two surgeons working on her, all she has to do now is heal and regain her strength.

juliebayougal has been moved out of ICU and hopes to be going home soon.  If you ever wondered who your best friend was - her 18 month old puppy took care of her as best she could until Julie finally called 911.  Tessa like any good guard, was determined not to let the EMTs enter Julie's bedroom.  Luckily she relented when she realized they were there to help her.  Julie posted an update on Jan 30th: Read Julie's update

lynne2008 landed up in hospital with a viral infection but has recovered nicely.

jstnicole21's husband's grandmother passed away on Feb 5th.  She was a very special lady who left a special prayer behind: Irish Prayer for the Departed

Please keep xplainphrox's step dad in your prayers, he had a stroke but seems to be recovering well.

darkangel_110 let us know the doctors have figured out what is wrong with her heart.  She goes in the hospital this week but should be home in a few days. Please add her to your prayer list.

Eliters affected badly by the recent snow/ice storms:  Akkikiz3, Steve aka Superss and also Jeremy aka Worm - at least these are the ones we know about.  These are tough times to be without power, its cold out there!

Congratulations to trubble73 (Mary Beth) who will be getting married on July 11th.  She would love to make it a big Eliter's bash so just send her your email address if you want an invite.

Congratulations to chillnwithfriends who receives her degree this week.  Great achievement chilly!

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