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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 72
February 2009
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2 YEPs worth

Well I tried my darnedest to get a feature going about Eliters couples.  I know they are out there:  Angie and Dave, Evie and Rick, Haha and treeball, pohlmans3 and polkittie, grandmare and wavydavy, and I know there are many more.  Sadly, not a single bite.

I had been going to write about how small things make a difference.  But since I am desperate for an eliter couple, let me regale you about me and my husband.  Truth be told, he only plays when I make him play.  And he is the slowest player there is.  For a man who has programmed for something close to 40 years, he is still a one finger typist and has yet to figure out how to play and chat at the same time.  So I usually go to the tables and gg nh etc on his behalf.

This year we celebrate 28 years of marriage.  And like every marriage it has both its ups and downs. Life would be awfully dull without them.

My husband was the one who taught me to play cribbage.  At first he beat me silly all the time - he has a Ph.D. in Math which gives him something of an advantage.  We stuck it out though and today we are pretty much equally skilled (or unskilled as the case may be).

So what are we doing for valentines?  Simple answer - not a darn thing.  My husband (who has never read the newsletter so I  am safe) is well... terrible at gifts.  The only time I have ever received anything for valentines from him, was because someone else ordered the flowers on his behalf.  I have given up buying him anything since he usually just tosses it aside.

But... not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me he loves me.  No matter what, we know we are there for each other.

So going back to those simple things in life - like saying gg, tyft, hi how are you...they matter far, far more than the grand gestures. 

I'll take it any day!

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