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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 74
April 2009
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People Updates

Support Needed:

Friends2124 passed away on 3/8/09 from a massive heart attack.  She and Beth1013 had been friends for 30 years and considered each other as sisters.

Wsavedwretch reported that her 16 year old nephew was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system.

lazyandcrazy1 (grummpee) lost his niece to a massive brain hemorrhage due to an accident which occurred while texting and driving.  Grumpee asked that this serve as a caution to all of us.

bravesbabe1970 advised that her father in law had been rushed to hospital with a heart attack on 3/26 and was scheduled for surgery the following day.

put_zy_one's dad was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer.  He was scheduled for exploratory surgery after which chemo treatments would be an option.  They were able to remove all traces of the colon cancer but the liver cancer is another story.  If he proceeds with chemo he could have as much as 3 years, without it months.

lipsofanangel78's aunt has been very ill.

Tajiman2959's dad passed away on the 14th due to a ruptured blood vessel in his lung

barry89741 lost a close friend, Nolan Goble,  in the terrible helicopter crash in the North Sea on Tuesday April 1. 

yeahicrackmeuptoo  - inherited_acct (3/22/2009): They just called me, Dad passed away at 7:25 this evening at our time central.   I knew something was wrong, I just felt it. Please tell whoever/whatever you believe in to add his soul to the ones who attain greatness, because he was great.

In other News:

wonagametwice is thinking of going into the storm chasing business.  He has had multiple tornadoes hit down in Tennessee Tornado Alley in the last week.  Although a lot of damage was sustained in the surrounding areas, Joey and his family managed to stay safe.

rg101_ca and his dad had an absolute blast in Cancun - they wowed everyone and were voted most popular guests. 

Fierydragon36 and iluv_pino22 are spending time together in New York - hopefully it is everything they hoped their meeting would be.

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