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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 74
April 2009
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High Roller Tourneys In QwertyP

Some might think that word games would be the last place to find High Roller Tournaments -- yet on Match 31st, DMDesiderata hosted three High Roller Tournaments. The format for the first High Roller Tournament was Bad Connection to 1000, 1000 YEPs Entry Fee, and 1000 YEPs Bonus.

DakotaStar33 won against Ginmaster333 in the Finals. Ginmaster333 wanted a rematch, so he challenged DakotaStar33 to a second High Roller Tournament. DakotaStar33 agreed but said it had to be double or nothing. The result was a second High Roller Tournament, this time Regular Format to 1000, 3000 YEPs Entry Fee, 1000 Bonus (as requested by Ginmaster333). Ginmaster333 won this tournament by playing the word "Jonquil" (If you want to know what this word means, check out the Word of the Day for March 31st in the QwertyP Club). This was a very closely contested match; DakotaStar33 lost only by 15 points.   As if this wasn't enough, they both wanted a third High Roller (delete the "s") Tournament. This time DakotaStar33 chose the format -- Bad Connection, 1000 YEPs Entry Fee, 2000 YEPs Bonus. DakotaStar33 won against Ginmaster333.

These High Roller Tournaments were A LOT of Fun to play and host. If you are interested in playing in a High Roller Tournament, please let DMDesiderata know and she will be more than happy to set one up for you.

QwertyP Breaking Records Again

  1. The first 1000 YEPs Entry Fee High Roller Tournament in QwertyP was hosted on March 31st at 1:00 by DMDesiderata.
  2. The first 3000 YEPs Entry Fee High Roller Tournament in QwertyP was hosted on March 31st at 2:00 by DMDesiderata.
  3. DMDesiderata has set a new record for Fees Generated in one Week for word games. The previous record was 17,000 Fees Generated in one week by Noveece in LitY
  4. For the week ending April 4th, DMDesiderata generated 52925 YEPs in Entry Fees.
    Congratulations to DMDesiderata on earning the Highest Fees Generated Badge (Over 30000 YEPs Generated in one Week for a specific League) in QwertyP. Now who will set the next record?

Scrabble Play Rooms Poll
We have created a Poll to get your feedback on Play Rooms for Scrabble. You can find the Poll on the lower left side of the Qwertyp League page or when you are visiting the Qwertyp Club. 

We have received feedback from some of our members that they would prefer to play in a Club Pogo Members-Only Room.

The Voting options are:

  • Club Pogo Members-Only Rooms (Club Pogo Membership Required)
  • Free Game Rooms (Club Pogo Membership NOT Required)
  • Club Pogo Members-Only Rooms OR Free Game Rooms
  • I don't like Scrabble

Please provide any comments directly on the Poll so we can keep them all together.

In the meantime, we will be hosting Scrabble on Thursdays ONLY, due to many Players having difficulty loading tables and needing to clear cookies and temporary Internet files after playing a few games. We will be contacting Pogo to see if there is a way to correct this problem.
Easter/Passover Celebration
DakotaStar33 will be hosting a Special Tourney to celebrate Easter/Passover on Tuesday, April 7th at 23:15 in Qwerty. Everyone is invited to join this Special Tourney (50 YEPs Entry with 1000 YEPs Bonus), and to participate in our Pogo Mini Contest. To be eligible to win the Pogo Mini Contest, you must enter the Easter/Passover Celebration Tourney, and your Pogo Mini must be in Easter or Passover Mode. The Winner of the Pogo Mini Contest will receive 300 YEPs, and the Runner-Up of the Pogo Mini Contest will receive 200 YEPs. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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