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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 74
April 2009
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Baby Names:
Some friends were hoping their second child would be a girl, and they even had a name picked out.
The ultrasound didn't reveal the baby's sex, though, and since the expectant father had orders from the Navy to ship out before the due date, he told his wife,
"We'd better pick out a boy's name, just in case."
But when it was time for him to report for duty, they still hadn't decided.
At sea a few weeks later, the new father got notification that his son, Justin Kase, had been born.  
Nursing Students:
While on leave, my Marine buddy and I met two nursing students from southern California.  After chatting them up a while, the conversation turned to what we did in the service.  When we told them we were in the infantry, the girls seemed very impressed, giving us big smiles as they told us how sweet that was.
Since "infantry" and "sweet" are seldom used in the same sentence, I was a little confused. Until, that is, one of the girls said,
"We admire any man who works with infants." 
Old Math:
Three old men are at the doctor for a memory test. The doctor says to the first old man, "What is three times three?"
"274" was his reply.
The doctor worriedly says to the second man, "It's your turn. What is three times three?"
"Tuesday" replies the second man.
The doctor sadly says to the third man, "Okay, your turn. What's three times three"?
"Nine" says the third man.
"That's great!" exclaims the doctor. "How did you get that"?
"Jeez, Doc, it's pretty simple," says the third man. "I just subtracted 274 from Tuesday." 
Fresh Coffee:
A new restaurant opened in our town, so my husband, Walter, and I decided to try it.
As the waitress took our order, Walter asked if the coffee was fresh.
"I'm sure it is," answered the waitress. "We've only been open two weeks."

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