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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 75
May 2009
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Support Needed

Posted by debzgame on April 18th:  Our prayers go out to ummlizagain  aka Wendy.  On Good Friday, Wendy lost her oldest son in a car accident. He was only 30 years old. Wendy and her family had just had him returned to them from his tour of duty in Iraq not 3 months ago.

Wendy said that she has lots of family and friends around her at this time, and that the military has been amazing to the family, but she has a request of her Eliters family .......

She said, that she feels the love from around the world and wanted you all to know what she is going through, and asked that today at 2:00 pm that you say a prayer.

God bless you and your family Wendy, and remember we are here for you.

Damsel719 posted the following on 4/18:  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I inherited all these vascular problems and have been dealing with them for over 10 years now. I have more artificial parts in me than the real ones..LOL. My heart is good but just don't seem to be able to get the blood to where it needs to go. Sort of like backed up plumbing. I am sure Elm would say that explains the problem with my brain...hahaha.

Usually I just am absent from here for a few days with no comment. This time I told Beth during the reverse tourney and she was so kind to ask you all to pray for me. I certainly could not go off to the ER and miss a REV.

majikrat2002 posted the following:  Back in Feb I posted a message asking for prayers for my mom as her cancer had spread to her brain. We got the results today and I am very grateful to say the tumor is gone from her brain!!

So my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all of your prayers and kind words! My mom will continue her fight.

eric200512401 posted the following on 4/17:  I'm writing this with tears running down my face right now and shaking uncontrollably. After being through all this stress and trauma from my accident, something else has happened to worsen everything 1000x.  My closest friend, who has been like a sister to me for the past 13 years (i'm only 19, remember), was involved in a car accident around 8:15pm EST.  She was a passenger in the car, driver was going too fast around a turn, overcorrected and flipped the car, unfortunately killing Katie (friend).  

Update on SnowBearLake:  The good news is that her Dad is home from the hospital, but the Doctors did find asbestos on his brain. The good news is that it is not cancer.   Teresa also has a bad case of bronchitis, it is trying to become pneumonia. The Doctor gave her some meds for it, and she is hoping to get well soon.

vtspirit1's husband is recovering from a stroke.  She posted this on 5/1:  Although the days, and hours are all just a blurr, and all seem like one... I can tell you ...I have never been so scared or felt so helpless in my life as I have the last few days.

Hubby is doing better. They have moved him from ICU/PCU floor to the regular patient floor. They have taken all the monitors off...and if his blood sugars stay within range, and his BP stays down they might let him home tomorrow.

In overview.....He was an extremely lucky man.. He may regain some or all of that, they can't say for sure, the drs. are hopeful that the feeling and strength will come back in due time. 

gartenzwerg2004p posted the following on 5/6:  This prayer request is for myself. I've been really sick now for 3 weeks and getting worse instead of better. Already had to have 2 blood transfusions and several b-12 injections. My blood counts are still over the charts.  I look like a pincushion from all the tests. I really miss you my friends.

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