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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 75
May 2009
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Game Badges in Play for May

May 3 - 9

Dominoes Yahoo (DoY) is offering the Back to the Boneyard  badge.  Win 7 Dominoes Tourneys during the Back to the Boneyard Week.

Snooker GameDesire  (SnookD) is featuring the Snooker Cinco De Mayo  badge. Win 5 Snooker Tourneys during the Snooker Cinco De Mayo Week.

Cribbage Yahoo (CribY) is offering the Cribbage 19 Club badge.  Play in 19 Cribbage Tourneys during the Cribbage 19 Club Week, win at least one Match in each Tourney

Backgammon Pogo (BgP) is featuring the May Flower Dice Badge.  Win 8 Backgammon Tourneys during the May Flower Dice Week.

May 17 - 23

Qwerty Pogo  (QWERTYP) offers the E is for Envelope badge.  Win 8 Tourneys during the E is for Envelope Week.

Euchre Pogo (EuchP) offers the Euchre Loves Mothers badge.  Play in 20 Euchre tourneys during the Mothers week, win at least one match in each tourney.

Pinochle Yahoo (PinoY) offers the Raining Nucks badge. Win 3 Pinochle tourneys in a Row during the Raining Nucks week.

Backgammon Yahoo (BgY) is featuring the Dice Crowd Badge.  Play in 15 Backgammon tourneys during the Dice Crowd week, win at least one match in each tourney.

May 31 - June 6

Spades Yahoo (SpadY) offers the Fire and Ice badge.  Play in 20 Spades tourneys during Fire and Ice badge week, win at least one match in each tourney.

Euchre Yahoo (EuchY) offers the Euchre Rocks My World badge.  Win 14 Euchre matches during the Euchre Rocks My World week.

Hearts Yahoo (HeartY) offers the Heart on Fire badge. Badge is awarded to the Top 10 players who won the highest number of Hearts tourneys (6+) during the Heart on Fire week.

Support your favorite leagues and win some great badges in the process.  To view the schedule of upcoming badge offerings, check out the Badge link on any Eliters page.

More information on Game Badges

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