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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 75
May 2009
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New Badge Developments

Thanks to the Systems Team for their hard work on Badge Development projects.

Badges Mouse Over

A mouse over feature was added on Badges Icons appearing on Tourney pages and Club Messages to show the Full Size Badge, the Title and the Description.

New Badges Albums

The Players Badges Album was split in multiple Albums for better presentation and easy reference.  Badges are now presented in the following categories:

  • Players - Main Badges: includes all Badges awarded to players for their lifetime and weekly achievements including Events.
  • Players - Hot Badges: includes all Badges awarded to players for playing and winning Hot Matches and Tourneys.
  • Players - Other Badges: includes all Badges awarded to players for participating and winning the Seasons and Holiday Badges.
  • Staff: Includes all Badges awarded to a Staff for Eliters-wide or league-specific achievement.
  • Games: Includes all Badges awarded to a player for a specific game competition or challenge. This category is subdivided into specific albums for each game.
New Badge Award Criteria

Leagues can start offering Badges using the present Award Criteria but with a New Dimension based on a Tourney Specific Rule, where all Tourneys using this Specific Rule will be count towards the Badge.
  • Win N Tourneys in a row - BG Full House Master Badge - Block all 6 spots in Home & Win
  • Win N Tourneys - BG No Hit Master Badge - NO Hit: First to hit loses
  • Win N Matches - DOMINOES Reverse Master Badge - 5s up, With Spinner: First to set points loses
  • Play N Tourneys, win at least 1 Match in each - GIN Gin Only Master Badge - If you knock with deadwood you lose
  • Top N Players Tourney wins - CANASTA Full Game Master Badge - Regular to 5000: Draw 2 Card, Minimum 2 Canastas
  • Top N Players Match wins - BOWLING - Regular: Players will bowl 10 frames. High score advances
Badge Award Criteria FAQ

Help Topic 1692 was added to address questions related to general award conditions and rules and specific enquiries related to each award criteria such as:
  • If I change my Eliters ID, do the stats and Badge transfer to my new ID?
  • Which Tourneys or Matches count towards the Badge?
  • Does shared Tourney victories count towards the Badge?
  • How can I identify if the Tourney is a Hot Tourney?
  • In Top N Players Badges; what if many Players achieved the same number at the bottom of the N rank?
  • Do I have to play the Tourneys all in the same League?
  • Do I have to win these Tourneys in a row?
  • What if I win multiple Matches within the same Tourney?
  • Do I have to win the Tourney for the Matches to count?
  • Can I donate? Would these Tourneys count towards the Badge?
  • Do I have to win these Tourneys consecutively?
  • Is there any minimum number of Tourneys wins needed to earn the Badge?
  • What if many Players achieved the same number of the Tourney Wins at the bottom of the N rank?
Badge Help Topics

The following Help Topics provide more information on Badges:

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