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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 77
July 2009
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Support Needed

girlinlostforest   6/13 I know it seems as if I am asking for more than my fair share of prayers lately, but I guess things happen in threes.   My adopted daughter and her family need your prayers. She and her baby and husband were in a terrible auto wreck last night. The baby and the hubby are ok, but they had to cut Belinda out of the truck. She was transferred to a larger hospital 100 miles from here. Please remember the three of them in your prayers.

BeachPatV 6/11 received a phone call this morning from my friend CatNap (Coleen).  Her 37year old son has suffered a stroke and is paralyzed on his right side. She asked me to please let all her friends know and ask for prayers.

On 6/22 catnap4755 updated us as follows:

I am back home after 2 stressful weeks of tending to my son Rob. He wants to stay in Missouri, so i have put wheels in motion for what he needs and the ducks are pretty much in a row. He is still pretty much paralyzed on his left side, but can walk (not a pretty sight) and he can get where is wants to go. He is accepting his situation with as much grace as can be expected, but is determined to regain as much as possible.
I thank you all for thinking of us and I have to say, Eliters IS an extended family for all of us.  Thanks again.

We were delighted to hear that daisy_loves05 had given birth to a baby boy on June 25th (starting labor while playing Pino) - unfortunately, it was discovered that her son had some health issues.

Posted 7/1:  Wyatt appears to have some heart issues but he's still too little to know and diagnose just yet. The doctor thinks it's a hole in his heart somewhere. His doctor will hopefully be able to give us more info when she sees him again next week. Hopefully she can better determine what is going on at that time and please pray it is nothing or can be fixed easily! And our oldest has his minor surgery next week...please pray that goes well too!!!   Thanks to my Eliters family for the love and support you've shown my family!!!

Our friend notastalkerorliar has had a tough time of it lately.  His mom's dementia is getting worse and unfortunately, she seems to be aware of it.  As if that wasn't enough, Mikey landed up in hospital with serious health issues, spent one week in ICU and then moved to a regular ward.  His sister is taking care of his mom until Mikey is able to resume that responsibility again.  He is determined to face adversity with a positive attitude and learn to take care of his own needs first.  He does miss the political club though.  Eliters prayers and support means the world to him right now.

p_nuck_nut69 let us know that his 5 year old daughter might have lupus or leukemia - still waiting for the diagnosis.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

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