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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 77
July 2009
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Eliters International Championship Event (ELIC)

Registration is OPEN for our next ELIC Event, Dominoes GameDesire (DOD), for August 2009. The registration period will end at 11:59am on Saturday, August 1st. Come join the fun and excitement!

The event is open to Premium members - only 100 YEPs reserves your seat.

This event will feature YEP Prizes for the top four finishers of the Championship tourney!

Event Specifics

All tourneys will be Single Elimination (SE). Individual Country Tourneys will begin on Saturday, August 1st at 13:00. These tourneys will run as Multi-day tourneys, and you will have 72 hours to find your opponents and play your matches. These tourneys will finish by 13:00 on August 10th.

All winners and runners up in their respective Country Tourneys will be eligible to play in the Championship Tourney, to kick off on Tuesday, August 11th at 00:00 (midnight). This tourney will also be run as a Multi-day tourney, allowing for 72 hours to find and play your opponents. All Preliminary Tourney winners and runners-up will be automatically registered for this event.


of the Championship match will receive 3000 Yeps. Runner-up will receive 1800 Yeps. Semi-finalists will each receive 600 Yeps. The top 4 finishers will also share the huge Championship tourney prize pot.

Note: If less than 64 playsers are registered in this Event, it will be converted to a Regular Weekly Single Elimination Tourney with a 2000 YEP Bonus.

More Information

For more information on this great event, refer to Help Topic 2511.  For more information on Multi-day tourneys, refer to Help Topic 2331.   Don't know how to play Dominoes?   Now is the time to learn! For more information about the game refer to Help Topic 3326!

Do you think you have what it takes to be the best of Elite and take home the Top Honors? If you think you can and would like to represent your Country in this event then sign up and join in.

Results of Backgammon Pogo ELIC

Congratulations to the Backgammon Pogo (BgP) team on hosting a very successful ELIC in June. 

  • The winner of this event was some guy called balouza representing Lebanon with 5700 YEPs.
  • The runner up was TOPWATER95945 (USA) with 3000 YEPs.
  • Semi-finalists were evaland_2040 (Hungary) and smiles19023 (Ireland) with 900 YEPs respectively.

Join in the Dominoes GameDesire ELIC

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