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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 77
July 2009
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Winners of a Father's Love League Badge

Congratulations to the following Eliters who earned the A Fathers Love badge:

  • bgp - rollr311 squeakylplayer efren9reyes9 angel00302 muddddd1
  • bgy - efren9reyes9
  • bowlp - tbran1 KnockEmDown88 quikmix456 sunshinevic11 marlastrauss1 spoiled73790
  • canap - ladyofkasnova crazynurse26 leowoman034 ucantbeatme12312 adclerk2001 heyyou300000
  • criby - perfect29_1 justdoreen2003 PatchKevorkian girl_toots dino23r Navyguy777 nfltitan mysticalpinkpanther purcelin kshighlanderr annettelewis05 haha2105 baseball_wiz2003 put_zy_one homercat6711
  • dod - SlamDoc21 rodney_p_75154 carro123player bamas_wife1984 leowoman034 realbonz61 xspadezdevilx
  • dop - beancounter1244 ucantbeatme12312 xbonemasterx pennhillssoccer1
  • doy - bamas_wife1984 Bone_Layin fber1004 halifax_bluesox carro123player iluv_pino22
  • euchp - countrygirl9120 player64457 angiendave84 Magic18400 car24fan4ever Donlorda75 spalady404 grgrandma3p longlegs4ever1 squeakylplayer bumpjo snowoman22
  • euchy - ambr22bob10 jenniesmalls1 nottobadlol tinkerbellie84 baddog1113 debzgame juss_solucky halahco2 birdmik highhopes2win wordmaker00 justarush_td angelwiffhorns soco4every1 happy2beyoung
  • ginp - rmorgan301
  • giny - madbear2222 icedt_95 tnstretch championgin zarmonster uofmnsigmachi felicia_annabelle braus1200 blue_max42 cbkitty64 MrRedFox_au
  • holdemp - smiles19023 ginmaster333 balouza
  • lity - leowoman034 noveece pflmark44 golfinmimi4
  • pinoy - smokeisbestwhengreen scoutdva drsally3 ladytaxiinla Damsel719 elmwoodplebis lostandsugar mermaidartist12 silverladyAz ithinkicanfly2 dataport0 SILVERBENZ850 teegea7082002 jimjal capgunbullet
  • pool9d - efren9reyes9 PapaBear1659 patriots1049
  • poolp - pennhillssoccer1 ucantbeatme12312
  • qwertyp - Jpolleys5 carma069player DakotaStar33 DMDesiderata
  • spadp - zmartypantz Mrsmaleangel39 maleangel39 xspadezdevilx lonlycowgirl997 MJavy5 hummngbrd05 homercat6711 Jansjukebox omacando2001 mike2115 scraigwilliams
  • spady - synt4x_synt4x peppperettte canadergurl homercat6711 BearMusicEliters

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