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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 78
August 2009
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Winners of the Paradise is For Eliters Badge

Congratulations to the following Eliters who earned the Paradise is for Eliters Badge:

ambr22bob10 homercat6711 robehin8 keybuck7
dino23r Bone_Layin put_zy_one brett_1967
SlamDoc21 kshighlanderr haha2105 countrygirl9120
elmwoodplebis angel00302 heartofdixiebrat uofmnsigmachi
rayvino123 zarmonster angelwiffhorns longlegs4ever1
madbear2222 hbflo nfltitan cammie_ace2005
MJavy5 nottobadlol teufmom one_baddoggy
ucantbeatme12312 bamas_wife1984 Jantaz58 martin_varna_bg
perfect29_1 angiendave84 Damsel719 noneed4games
BeachPatV icedt_95 leowoman034 cbkitty64
rollr311 sans_joie tinkerbellie84 blue_max42
efren9reyes9 ejmaccuaig robbie_fan_of_18 girl_toots
annettelewis05 barryott lbreak49079 lindsayjo1501
rodney_p_75154 gordon_romsey rigelo2 flawed_pur_fection02
singlesoul_1999 ilovestartrekforever raffafly1966 REBECCAJEAN2
Navyguy777 jackiemodica4 noveece fullerfe
PatchKevorkian squeakylplayer DMDesiderata ladyofkasnova
carro123player omacando2001 MamaDena1 PapaBear1659
realbonz61 peppperettte ginmaster333 kingdominoXL
justdoreen2003 saskpaddler highhopes2win smitty8ball
pennhillssoccer1 wordmaker00 DakotaStar33 tnstretch
smokeisbestwhengreen cutiepie19ca2002 birdmik devildog8244
drsally3 grgrandma3p halifax_bluesox amybear167
VelvetClawz beancounter1244 kysha41 nightronz
timbowindsor car24fan4ever cowboyz1973 jetpowr

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