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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 78
August 2009
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People Updates

It was with a very heavy heart that we learnt of the passing of our friend rey910.  Mike had been suffering with poor health and limited mobility for a long time.  He was in constant pain and had difficulty negotiating even the simplest tasks.  You would never have known it... always a gentleman, always a great sport and fierce competitor, he spent hours helping so many of us with various computer problems with only a thank you as his reward.  He is at peace now... probably reading the political club and shaking his head, and hopefully shuffling his cards.  He will always be missed.

Our condolences are extended to eric200512401 who lost his mom in a car accident on the 15th July.  Click here to read his heartbreaking post

angelwiffhorns has been admitted to hospital until the birth of her baby, who seems to be strong despite the lack of aminiotic fluid.  We are all hoping for a healthy, happy birth.

Congratulations to jenniesmalls1 on the birth of her son - read all about it.  May he bring great joy to his family.

p_nuck_nut69 's daughter Colleen is home from the hospital and on her way to recovery.

lazyandcrazy1 has been admitted to hospital and could use some prayers.

Wsavedwretch's daughter was admitted to the Children's hospital in Houston with severe pain. Prayers are requested.

On a positive note - Mrs_Dutch2002 has been released from all chemo treatments and is looking forward to resuming normal activities.  More details here.

MagicBeer08   shared the following news:

Several things have happend in my life recently.
1) I started a new job on 24th July, working in reception of a Hotel, on nights. The hours give me a lot more time at home with Mandy, and the 2 kids.
2) I got engaged on 25th July to Mandy, with whom have lived with since June 2006. She is Doms GameDesire TD Obweight87's cousin. There is no date set as yet, but we expect it to be sometime next year.
3) I got SFTD on 26th July, and I would like to thank E911 and other corprate staff  for letting me jon the team, and all the other SFTD's for making me welcome

Nfghitormiss2003 suffered the loss of his best friend - see his message.  He then also reported good news that he was engaged.  Read the good news - we wish him well in the future.

Speaking of weddings - congrats to calcinci6 on the marriage of her son.

Our friend margaret_downunder  was in a car accident, but recovered well enough to enjoy a well deserved vacation in Italy.

Speaking of Aussies - cammie_ace2005 has had recurrent bouts of pneumonia - we miss her at the tables and wish her a speedy recovery.

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