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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 79
September 2009
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Battle of the Sexes (BOS) Winners

Is there any event more hotly contested (and more fun) than the Battle of the Sexes?  Support your gender, do a little trash talking and painting of the lobbies, but most of all have fun.  Congratulations to the August winners.

League Gender BOS Champion
Backgammon - Pogo F runaway0509
Backgammon - Pogo M Buskey1980
Backgammon - Yahoo! M kash_kow55
Bowling - Pogo M theshore4u
Canasta - Pogo F hazyjagss
Canasta - Yahoo! M one_baddoggy
Canasta - Yahoo! M ginmaster333
Cribbage - Pogo M timbowindsor
Cribbage - Yahoo! F purcelin
Cribbage - Yahoo! F cactus_lil
Dominoes - GDesire M carro123player
Dominoes - Pogo F t102302
Dominoes - Yahoo! F peppperettte
Euchre - Pogo F grgrandma3p  runaway0509
Euchre - Yahoo! F REBECCAJEAN2  Scrubie_Oh
Gin Rummy - Pogo F jackiemodica4
Gin Rummy - Yahoo! M madbear2222
No Limit Holdem - Pogo M azbrhaas
Literati - Yahoo! M wordmaker00
Pinochle - Yahoo! F Wsavedwretch  bombiex420
Pinochle - Yahoo! F msloweroxx  Tamblyne
Pinochle - Yahoo! F gartenzwerg2004p  Fly_raven_wings
Pinochle - Yahoo! M cavywrangler  city_cowboy58
Pinochle - Yahoo! F fullerfe  gartenzwerg2004p
Pool - Pogo M brian20597
Spades - Pogo F KaylaPineo  singlemomP125
Spades - Yahoo! M SlamDoc21  lawman.20695
Spades - Yahoo! M WeatherwLOLZ  synt4x_synt4x

More information on the BOS event

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