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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 79
September 2009
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Winners of the Lazy Crazy Summer Days Eliters Badge

Congratulations to the following Eliters who earned the Lazy Crazy Summer Days Badge:
  • bgp - rollr311 smiles19023
  • bowlp - AnthonyWon9
  • criby - perfect29_1 girl_toots amybear167 baseball_wiz2003 frnk471 annettelewis05 PatchKevorkian chrish340 nfltitan kshighlanderr ocean_girltu purcelin justdoreen2003 BeachPatV vtspirit1 haha2105 peppperettte teufmom icedt_95 saskpaddler blake4563 judgehanibal akafrisky_2001
  • dod - realbonz61 smokeisbestwhengreen leowoman034 rodney_p_75154 halifax_bluesox
  • doy - WeatherwLOLZ one_baddoggy crittermilker jojoshinto smokeisbestwhengreen halifax_bluesox judgehanibal CAShortie rodney_p_75154 elmwoodplebis
  • euchy - BeachPatV nottobadlol dino23r highhopes2win halahco2 euchreattic jamesrcolon20 wordmaker00 spazann Buskey1980 dragoneliter aggie621980
  • giny - madbear2222 raffafly1966 icedt_95 uofmnsigmachi cheryl_perrino vtspirit1 Kazjoy64 cbkitty64 verita1959 blue_max42 kimnd470 cutiepie19ca2002 Jantaz58
  • lity - noveece
  • pinoy - drsally3 elmwoodplebis tds800_04 ladytaxiinla silverladyAz p_nuck_nut69 mama_jo_2x Damsel719 fullerfe lostandsugar ilickfaces capgunbullet72 crispy1007 anewday48 canadergurl eterraccino noneed4games VelvetClawz darkangel_110 atleast9 smokeisbestwhengreen
  • pool9d - efren9reyes9 PapaBear1659
  • poolp - pennhillssoccer1 velveteen524 bddscs1 brian20597 leowoman034 dlbbmiller
  • qwertyp - carma069player DMDesiderata DakotaStar33

    Click for complete standings

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