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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 79
September 2009
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QwertyP (Qwerty Pogo) News

"I'm Hot Stuff & I know It" DMDesiderata
"I'm in Hot water" DakotaStar33
"Hey, I am NOT your snack!" DMDesiderata
"Hip Hoppin' Hangman Hijinks" DMDesiderata
"Even hippies go to Heaven" Carma069Player
"Haunted g_Host of Qwerty" DakotaStar33
"Ritzes 4 A Price... Your Soul" DMDesiderata
"Next on the Ritz List is..."  theselector117
"The Ritz? I'm at the Palace" DestinyShadow
"$$ Richie Rich is Ritz $$" DakotaStar33

These are some of the captions that Players had on their Pogo Mini's for our Weekly Pogo Mini Contest. All the Pogo Mini's were OUTSTANDING; it's a shame we can't show you what they looked like in the Newsletter.
Not sure what a Pogo Mini Contest is?
Every Friday at 16:15, we host a Special Tourney with a 500 YEPs Bonus to Winner ONLY. Along with this tourney, we host a contest to see whose Pogo Mini and caption best fits the special theme for that week. Some of the recent themes have been:

  • Hot, Hot, Hot
  • Snack Attack
  • H is for ???
  • Puttin on the Ritz

The themes are intentionally broad so as to allow contestants to create a creative and unique Pogo Mini. We want all contestants to have FUN creating that awesome Pogo Mini. YEP Prizes are awarded to the top three winners of the contest.
So what are the themes for September?

  • Friday, September 4th: Back to School
  • Friday, September 11th: Remember the Heroes of 9-11
  • Friday, September 18th: I is for ???
  • Friday, September 25th: Underwater Adventure

Anything else I should know?
Well, first these contests are A LOT of FUN. There are really only three rules:

  1. All contestants must register and play in the 16:15 Tourney hosted each Friday; this Tourney will have a 500 YEPs Bonus to Winner ONLY. All Players will be invited to a Special Invitation Tourney to be hosted on Sunday, August 30th, at 16:15; this Tourney will have a 1,000 YEPs Bonus (to top 4).
  2. All contestants must have their Pogo Mini dressed up to go with the special theme for that week. Captions should also go with the special theme. Please try to arrive in the BaroQue lobby 30 minutes before the Tourney Start Time.
  3. One Winner, Runner-Up, and Semi-finalist will be selected from all eligible contestants. Winner will receive 150 YEPs. Runner-Up will receive 100 YEPs. Semi-finalist will receive 75 YEPs.

If you have questions about the Pogo Mini Contest Rules, or any of the Themes, please email DMDesiderata at dmdesiderata@gmail.com or DakotaStar33 at dakotastar33@aol.com.
We look forward to seeing you all there for the FUN.

~* QwertyP TD Team *~

Check out the QwertyP Club

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