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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 80
October 2009
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2 YEPs Worth

This has nothing to do with Eliters, just a day in my life (hey, I am desperate for stuff).

The end of a sailing trip for me. Last night at Prisoners Cove off Santa Cruz Island (Channel Islands off California) the stars were so bright and so clear that today could only be a sad second act. And yet - once we docked in Santa Barbara after a lazy morning start (no whales) I decided to take an early train back to Long Beach to take care of some business stuff.

Now I will be the very first to admit that I am a people watcher. Call it nosy, call it curious, whatever. But I have no problems eavesdropping on conversations, and just watching... no better place than the Santa Barbara station waiting for the surfliner heading southward.

There was the delicate white haired woman next to me reading a book on Buddhism. I hope she is one. Her sandaled feet were horribly misshapen - like only a dancer or a spike heeled addict could be. I am hoping for dancer.

There was the ugly couple - a small bitchy woman, probably Filipino although I couldn't hear her well, only see the words she spat at her husband. She kept pacing and he followed a safe distance behind. They got off somewhere like Simi Valley and there she was, still 10 feet ahead of him as he trailed with his sad grey pony tail, memories of another era.

The young couple with firm brown legs who cycled around and around the station, almost childlike. She in her big girl pink bike and he with the funky handlebars.

And then just as the train was pulling in I saw the two men, one in boxing shorts all beat up and no shirt, the other with a backpack WHO TOOK THE SHIRT OFF HIS BACK and gave it to beat up man, saying something like you are going to make it guy! The boxer reluctantly took the shirt and put it on while softly moaning something about prison... damn - I should have been listening earlier.

The people on the train, who litter the place with cell phone snippets, the idiot woman in front of me who never did figure out that cell phones don't work in the bloody tunnels you blithering idiot, the young man who was having a hamburger (according to the attendant as if it made a difference) and who spoke to the two women travelling somewhere together for most of the time, they said they were glad to have helped him.

The train disgorged them all one stop at a time. Including me.

I worried about finding my driver. He was there.
I was worried about my driver finding the marina parking lot. He did.
I was worried about the jeep starting. It did.
I was worried about my cat being pissed off. She was.

A lot of worrying, a lot of humanity, not all of which mattered but some that actually did. Not a bad day.

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