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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 80
October 2009
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Eliters Code of Conduct

Eliters was founded with the specific goal of establishing a league that was governed by principles of civility and good sportsmanship. We take the maintenance of these standards very seriously, as this is what sets us apart from other established leagues on the Net. Friendly people and clean fun is what Eliters is all about. There are other leagues better suited to aggressive, in-your-face play and behavior.

Accordingly, the first principle of Eliters is:

Players are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner and treat all others with respect. Failure to do so is cause for disqualification from a Tourney. Repeated unacceptable behavior is cause for removal from the League.  In a general sense, this is what we expect of all Elite Members and Staff:

  • Members are expected to read and abide by Eliters policy regarding multiple IDs.
  • Obscene language and aggressive trash talking are unacceptable in Eliters. 
  • Personal attacks, or the taunting/denigration of members, league or staff are unacceptable. 
  • Any harassment of or vocal, public dispute with Eliters staff is unacceptable. TD decisions are final and not open to dispute on the spot. There are channels for the advancement of complaints. 
  • Any abuse of Eliters Messenger is unacceptable. Eliters Messenger is for factual tournament communication only, not for chatting or arguing with the TD.
  • The solicitation of YEPs or Membership from other Eliters, whether in the lobbies, game tables, or by IM/email, is expressly forbidden. This makes the Member being solicited very uncomfortable. Occasional, “joking” references will be overlooked.
  • Delay or obstruction of tournament play is not acceptable: players must be on time and must contest their tourney matches expeditiously. 
  • Players are expected to be familiar with all Eliters tournament general rules and game-specific rules of the leagues in which they are registered, and to abide by these rules. 
  • Players are expected to promptly report all matches they have lost to the tourney page. 
  • Any form of cheating is cause for immediate banishment from Eliters. 

Bottom Line - play nice, have fun and treat everyone with respect.

More detailed information on Eliters Code of Conduct

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