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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 80
October 2009
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People Updates

cutiepie19ca2002 has asked that her unborn nephew and his family be kept in our prayers.  This is her brother and his wife's first child - we can only begin to imagine the agony that they are going through.  Cutie's update on 9/30

club_kaos01 is home from surgery and is improving day by day.  We wish her well.

Southern_comfy  is home from the hospital and working on her rehab exercises.  She is back at the tables so things are obviously going well.

clowens434 has been admitted to a hospital with a serious condition.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Wickedgamejc07 posted this message on 9/27 More details.

Many of our members in the Atlanta area were affected by the recent floods - thanks to x0xLuxyx0x for the following update:

Welcome to the 2009 Atlanta Flood~

~9 deaths so far, youngest being 2 years old
~Six Flags completely under water
~Damage estimated over $250 million
~Thousands of homes and businesses damaged
~Interstates and many local roads closed due to washout or flooding
~Thousands of people displaced from their homes
~Thousands of people lost everything they own
~17 GA Counties surrounding Metro Atlanta disaster areas including the county in which I live, although I'm not personally affected on my property, Thankfully!
~More rain yet to come
~13 pages of photos (100's each page) of the damage on WSBTV.com

If you know of anyone living in the Atlanta area, please say a prayer for them and if you know how to contact them, do so to make sure they are ok, it's BAD down here. I'm sure not as bad as some things that have happened over the years in other areas, but Atlanta is NOT used to this kind of flooding by no means and with this economy, it's truly not a good time to be losing what you have worked so hard to hang on to.

Luckily - my home, family are safe in our area. I've yet to attempt contact with my family up around the much worse parts of Atlanta as of yet. The only thing affecting my household is the fact many of the roads in which my husband can get to work on are being closed thanks to the "Yellow River". I live about 5 miles from this river, but luckily UPHILL from it.

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