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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 81
November 2009
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A little Miracle

The Story of Dylan Chase

Vanessa and Vince (my brother)  were expecting their first child on Oct 11th 2009. Vanessa went to see her Obgyn for one of her final routine checkups.  Her regular  Obgyn was on vacation and the Obgyn who was filling in for him didan exam and then tells her" I want to send you for an ultrasound, I am concerned with how small the baby is" .That was on Thursday October 1.  Little did we know that our world was about to crumble. 

Over the next 4 days they did ultrasound after ultrasound, finally telling them the child had clubbed feet and his extremities were approx 31 weeks along where the rest of him was 39 weeks along. On day 5 they did  an MRI, on day 6 they told Vanessa and Vince this child was completley deformed, he had no room to grow because she was so tiny.  His neck was hyperextended so far back he would not breathe on his own and the possiblity of his brain functioning was basically nil.

They explained how by c-section they would remove Dylan from her tiny womb with the likelihood of breaking his neck during the process due to the positioning. They explained how his color would soon fade to a grey and his breathing would come in gasps.  They said "You can hold him for as long as you wish, a nurse will check his heart beat everyhour until it stops beating. We will take him to the morgue, do an autopsy,take a small piece of all his internal organs and do some research to see if this is genetic".  They were chomping at the bit for statistics on this innocent little baby.

Finally the day came and we went  off to say hello to Dyan and Goodbye all in one day. We all waited in agony until we saw Vanessa and Vince and miraculously, Dylan came around the corner -  he on his mothers chest breathing on his own! We all had tears streaming down our faces.  His neck was fine, his arms do not move, his torso is normal, his organs are normal and his brain function is 100% norma.   His legs however are clubbed from the knee down and his feet as well. His hips and knees are dislocated due to no room to move in the womb, but he tried so hard...  The cord had been wrapped around his legs 7 times. As a result his  arms never moved and built no muscle tissue.

Today is day 12 he is smiling,looking aound and he reckonizes mom and dad's voice, he is in pain due to the dislocates, taking baby tylenol for that. They will make a plan for surgery for his legs and feet, unfortunately his arms are still questionable. What a rollercoaster this has been for all concerned. Eliters was an amazing support system for me. Vanessa read some posts and cried everytime not understanding how people she has never meet and probably never will could touch her heart so fiercely, the concern the love was amazing.  And all the prayers for this beautiful little baby were heard.

Updated on 10/27 - Dylan is scheduled to come home on Friday.  The baby that wasn't given a chance, has proved what a tough little spirit and prayer can do!


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