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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 81
November 2009
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No Limit Texas Holdem (HoldemP) is Rocking!

We are so excited to see HoldemP highlighted in the Newsletter.  This league is growing in leaps and bounds with tremendous support from both the players and  and Tds. 

No Limit Texas Holdem is a rapidly growing in popularity card game that is catching folks all over the world and pulling them in to learn this awesome new game.  If any at all are familiar with the game of "Poker" then Holdem is easy to teach.
Each player is dealt 2 cards.  The object of the game is to make the best possible 5 card hand.  This is possible through 5 community cards that are dealt face up for everyone to see.  Your two cards are face down that only you can see.  There is a round of betting/raising/checking and then there are 3 cards dealt face up which is called the "Flop".  Another round of betting and 1 card is dealt up which is called the "Turn".  Another round of betting and then the final card is dealt face up which is called the "River".  Out of the 5 cards dealt face up and your 2 cards in your hand you have to make the best 5 card hand.
Order of Rank for best hands are:
1.  Royal Flush
2.  Straight Flush
3.  Four of a Kind
4.  Full House
5.  Flush
6.  Straight
7.  3 of a Kind
8.  2 Pair
9.  1 Pair
This is just the bare minimum of how the game is.  Lots of other things go along that I havent included such as blinds, antes and so on but I didn't want to write a book.
We are a class #3 league and working hard to achieve #2.  Holdemp is a 1x3 and 1x1 league.  We run both those formats.  We are limited to playing regular games as we havent figured out a way to play "wonky" games because of certain scenarios when we try to figure out a new format (being a pogo league and the use of bots).  We do have a game that is "8 hands" and the player with the most chips after 8 hands wins the tourney.  If only 4 people in then its a q4 and its winner takes all.  6 or more players in and top two chip counts advance to next round.  This is the case no matter the format rather its 8 hands or just regular format as far as how players advance.
Ok I see your head spinning as about right now and your completely confused so let me tell you some exciting things lol.  We just finished the ELIC a few months ago and had around 80 Eliters in wowwww!!!!  We were soooo excited.  We have EDS that runs every 2 weeks that is heads up play for those that enjoy that format.  We are currently trying to get more themes going such as BOA and Players vs. Tds.  We are so happy to get these new events going and hope to be able to do them every month. 
We recently had a help topic change with timers/subs.  For any that may want to familiarize themselves with it can refer to Help Topic #3281.
If anyone has any questions about the game, just stop by and give it a whirl, everyone is willing to help out and we love to see new players.  You can also buzz or email any of the tds or admin folks - we are around a lot because we are having a total ball and think you would too.  Remember, you don't have to be a Club Pogo member to play - everyone is welcome!


TGL HoldemP

For more information on HoldemP click here

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