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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 82
December 2009
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Winners of the Plenty of Thanks Badge

Congratulations to the following players on this achievement:

sharkman608 icedt_95 REBECCAJEAN2 ucantbeatme12312
canadergurl haha2105 everettwhaley48 ilickfaces
xxSpoilerxx2000 debbienelite Damsel719 robs_moon
perfect29_1 annettelewis05 feedthecribnow ssmuffin1775
homercat6711 dragonflys1985 omacando2001 jetpowr
cryptid keybuck7 teufmom robehin8
sirius_or_bust ladyofkasnova yahave2buyit2try noveece
watertowerman1 prexie91 pennhillssoccer1 archiebunker44
WeatherwLOLZ braus1200 singlesoul_1999 blr_man2000
timbowindsor rigelo2 purcelin silverladyAz
drsally3 gsalt7 sixdust verita1959
peppperettte marlastrauss1 aistre923 zmartypantz
kimnd470 buck32323230 leowoman034 newfiecribber
refereedrake mermaidartist12 hugsykiss1 Wsavedwretch
vtspirit1 heyuitsme2109 rollr311 slayer2244
brett_1967 marburgandy09 darkangel_110 zarmonster
Kathie91767 kshighlanderr carma069player efren9reyes9
madbear2222 bjcutie_69 tenor12bucks cutiepie19ca2002
crispy1007 pohlmans3 aggie621980 halahco2
girl_toots rg101_ca elitersdrew flawed_pur_fection02
lynchs97 martyparty_flyingzoo capgunbullet72 metrytooB
halifax_bluesox p_nuck_nut69 desiresno1 MadamDixie7
cobyboy13 jamestheman1234 andrea021582 criminally_insaneus
elmwoodplebis itsmemisee mamacanplaytoo birdmik
crafty12514 LB49079 hornsy69 NUCK_MASTER

Click for complete standings

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