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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 82
December 2009
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People Updates

cutiepie19ca2002  - Dylan is doing well.   He went to the specialist for his legs and feet, he left with casts on and tons of hope!  His next appt is Dec 7th to see what the word is on the arms.  They did a muscle test to see if there is enough mussce to hopefully in time get the arms to work.   He will need lots of prayers on that day..

ButterPecanPeachyPie  - Beth ended up in the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery. She came home 11/28 and is resting. Jerry will keep me posted and I'll keep this up until she is back. Our best wished to Beth, she's a beautiful person - anewday. 

Later updated by Beth - Thanks Dee for letting our fellow eliters know why I havent been here...it was very close to being worse...the gall bladder disease had attached itself to my liver...dr said it was the ugliest and hardest surgery he ever had...now comes the healing part...I can sit for a game or 2 at the most for now...the pain meds keep me pretty loopy...will be out of work for a while and getting lots of rest...all I can eat for now are Jello's and puddings and ice cream..I have to give up soda because the acid in soda has literally eaten into my body...but Im here - through the Grace of God! Thanks for those who prayed for me.

vtspirit1  - her husband landed up in the hospital, but fortunately it was not another stroke.  Turnred out his blood sugar had dropped way low and he has blocked arteries, but not serious enough to warrant surgery.  Lucked out again!

mschick810  posted on 11/27 - Due to the sudden and tragic death of our son Alex on Oct. 26th,I need something to distract my mind from time to time.. therefore, I am going to attempt to play some spades. Please note that I am experiencing more pain and grief than I could ever put into words.
I am only telling you (my fellow spade players) about this very personal part of my life so that you might understand when I don't "talk" much, or if I need a sub, it has nothing to do with any of you.
Thank-you in advance,

Our hearts go out to you and your family. 

Sun_Shine_Alaska  - Survived a roll over accident into a 7ft deep culvert filled with icy water. Damn it broke my back again along with a few other goodies.  Only other option was hitting the woman jay walking across the icy highway... so oops did a head on collision with on coming traffic and rolled over into the culvert... Lady was fine and dandy... not a scratch on her.

feedthecribnow  was briefly hospitalized but has recocvered well and is back hosting.

tenor12bucks  posted 12/3 - I wanted to let you know I'll be offline for possibly most of January, and to ask for your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers.  I'm scheduled for elective open-heart surgery on Jan. 7, 2010. I've been struggling with a form of genetic heart disease - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - for a few years, and my quality of life has gone steadily downhill. I've decided it's time to undergo surgery and give me a shot at returning to normal active lifestyle for a 35-year-old.  

We wish you well Michael - for his full message Click here

rg101_ca  news on his latest movie "Shattered Lives".  "It's a short based on a story idea that my father came up with surrounding the tragic end to a relationship involving a younger woman and an older man. The film is almost finished. I still need to add a music score to it. Once that is done, It will be sent to the festival circuit."  Check out his Eliter profile for links to the teaser trailer. 

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