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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 83
January 2010
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2009 - The Year in Review

2009 was another successful year for Eliters despite some challenges.  We saw the continued growth and improvement in our league with many accomplishments in which we can all share with pride.

Eliters Events

  • Started the year with a 9th Anniversary Celebration and an all-league, month-long event in January. 
  • Introduced 158 New Players, Staff and Leagues Badges (82 in 2008).
  • 26,000+ Badges were awarded to-date.
  • 12 Players earned the Eliter of the Month award
  • 139 Players earned the Player of the Month award
  • 12 TDs earned the TD of the Month award 
  • Introduced changes to the Marathon requirements, allowing SFTD assistance to be available to help out leagues hosting full 24 hours marathons.
  • The TOC Bonus is now based on 50 YEPs per participant with Bonus Multipliers for Gold Plus Members (up to x4 for the Diamond Members). 
  • General Event Stats:
    • 297 Battle of the Sexes (BOS) Tourneys (182 won by males)
    • 174 Decathlon Events  (2,812 Tourneys, 6,607 Players)
    • 163 EDS Periods (9,008 Matches, 2,762 Players)
    • 7 ELIC Events (604 Players)
    • 214 Marathon Events (11,041 Tourneys, 10,286 Players)
    • 271 Olympics Tourneys (3,798 Players)
    • 191 Player Appreciation Tourneys (1,398 Players)
    • 293 Tournament of Champion (TOC) Tourneys (3,715 Players)

Eliters Leagues

  • Eliters supported 59 Leagues; covering 16 Games in 3 different Play Sites (Yahoo!, Pogo, and GameDesire).
  • Eliters Leagues hosted more than 1,172,000 Tourneys, with 5,298,000+ Matches played.
  • Gin Rummy Yahoo (Giny) hosted more than 190,000 Tourneys, with 1,260,000+ Matches played.
  • Cribbage Yahoo (CribY) hosted more than 129,000 Tourneys, with 721,000+ Matches played.

Eliters Site & Systems Development

  • Added Player Appreciation Tourney winners to the Hall of Fame, the Events Stats, Book of Records, and Members' Profiles.
  • Updated 52 Help Topics.
  • The Premium YEPs Entry Bonus increased up to 3 times, and was applied on all Recurring Premium Subscriptions.
  • The Marathon Days shall now cover a full 24 hours Tourneys in all Leagues.
  • Offered Extra Months Subscription for Gold, Platinum and Diamond Members as part of the 10th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Extra Months Subscription for Gold, Platinum and Diamond Members as part of the 10th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Reduced YEPs Prices; Members got more YEPs for their money during the 10th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Introduced a new Fun Game "Lucky Grid" with Free 1000 Points to play.
  • Returned the Surprise YEPs program in December to help celebrate our 10th Anniversary, giving away hundred of thousands of YEPs randomly to our Members based on activity.
  • Returned the Gold Box and Spinners Super Jackpot during the 10th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Winners of the 2009 Holidays Wishing you Golden Gifts Badge were awarded 500 YEPs Special Bonus; 54 Mebers got 27,000 YEPs.
  • Offered 9 Raffles throughout the year, including special Anniversary raffles with additional prizes.

 Eliters Site Activity

  • Posted more than 268,000 messages in the Eliters Clubs to-date; 44,227 messages in 2009.
  • No need to name the Guinness Book of Records nominees for most messages posted; or most messages deleted. 
  • Ran 61 Polls to ask Members feedback on issues (1,087 Members participated).

Our Players and TDs also were kept busy in 2009:

  • Eliters Net Registered players reached a record 43,534 Players; gained 1,447 Players in 2009.
  • Cumulative number of Tourneys topped 140,000 in 2009, an average number of Tourneys per week of 2,691.
  • Cumulative number of Matches reached 403,473 in 2009, an average number of Matches per week of 7,759

Thank you for being part of our 2009.  Let's make 2010 even better!

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