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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 83
January 2010
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Member Anniversaries

Special congratulations to our members celebrating these great milestones - your loyalty is appreciated.

6th Anniversary 7th Anniversary 8th Anniversary 9th Anniversary 10th Anniversary
amazed2be2 anth_the_alien ali_k_holic Gumshoe_Steve
angelina35464 bfg89 catzstyle sordo3737
bo_mcbride blue_max42 chevy_wheels
daphyrox bohbfred criminlinsaneus1
dontgammonme burnover2001 detroit_lion_fan
eyebinearb4 candlegirljt Dickdale56042
floridagodess CarlyKiss dragonflys1985
frankhasenbalg dawn4eliters golfinmom56
heavens1919 debbienelite ivandrago201
JJ4Freedom DiamondCaptJim Kristdgirl
kurtpers drummergirlkate1 lastcamp2
lucasfx39 EliteBarrelOFun mercedebenz930
motormouthhjh68 GentriLynn06 o_o_o_itsmagic
parbeatsbogey heavenangelpinochle overseer371
redwings_town joeperez48 pjbn111
ruready4thepain john_from_michigan raveningbeauty
Scrubie_Oh kimnd470 robs_moon
secret1agentman L0ckNLoad scidge1
singlesoul_1999 leilani1856 sharkman608
sweetpearees lumberjack1960 Sting_O_99
synchro111 medic23p09 supersteamfitter
throwed4life2k3 myiamorris tinkerbellie84
TOPWATER95945 noviaworld2008 xxSpoilerxx2000
RENAULT939 yesfim

Complete list of players celebrating Eliter Anniversaries this month

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