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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 83
January 2010
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Eliters 10th Anniversary present #10 - Super Eliters Party!

It's that time of year again!
It's Eliters' 10th Anniversary Party, and YOU get the presents!!!
All month long, each league will have a Special Super Party with 1000 Bonus YEPS as an added prize.
Help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary by playing in as many of these tourneys as you can.
Eliters 10th anniversary Tourney Schedule
Date Time League Tourney #
1-Jan 20:45 EuchY http://2841989.eliters.com/
4-Jan 17:15 CanaY http://2836771.eliters.com/
5-Jan 21:15 GinP http://2837046.eliters.com/
6-Jan 21:15 CribP http://2836769.eliters.com/
7-Jan 21:30 GinY http://2839672.eliters.com/
11-Jan 22:15 QwertyP http://2845774.eliters.com/
12-Jan 10:30 Pool8D http://2851131.eliters.com/
13-Jan 22:00 BowlP http://2837833.eliters.com/
14-Jan 22:00 BgY http://2837198.eliters.com/
15-Jan 20:00 SpadY http://2841340.eliters.com/
18-Jan 21:15 LitY http://2838082.eliters.com/
19-Jan 20:00 BgP http://2848591.eliters.com/
20-Jan 16:00 HeartY http://2841686.eliters.com/
21-Jan 21:15 CanaP http://2838015.eliters.com/
22-Jan 22:45 DoD http://2837677.eliters.com/
23-Jan 20:45 HoldemP http://2838766.eliters.com/
24-Jan 21:00 DoY http://2841089.eliters.com/
25-Jan 10:00 Pool9D http://2851125.eliters.com/
26-Jan 22:30 CribY http://2837072.eliters.com/
27-Jan 21:00 DoP http://2848602.eliters.com/
28-Jan 21:45 PinoY http://2848611.eliters.com/
29-Jan 20:00 PoolP http://2840538.eliters.com/
30-Jan 21:45 EuchP http://2835498.eliters.com/
31-Jan 21:00 SpadP http://2848970.eliters.com/
Congratulations to all Eliters and thank you for this accomplishment.

Super Eliters Party Details

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