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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 84
February 2010
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Dear Eliters

Dear Mizz Eliters;

I have many friends that play in your league.  They tell me it's fun and the players are good and I should join.
My problem is that I don't chat.  I can type gl, ty, gg, wtg and lol but anything else and I'm too shy or embarrassed as I type real slow and my spelling isn't very good unless someone is helping me.
I don't want players to think I'm not friendly so I haven't joined.
Can you give me any advice?

Finger tied in cyberland

Dear Fingers

Actually this is true for many players (my husband included).  Just let the td know and they can let players know that you are not an easy typer.  I tell players up front my husband can't gg or anything - and he is a mathematician. 

You can also put a note in Eliters Messenger (come up in your tourney page) that just says gl/gg.

So come on over and play...

Dear Eliters,

I can't win, what should I do?

Loser in London

Dear Loser,

Play Cribbage lowball or Reverse Pino/Euchre/Dominoes

Dear Eliters,

I am a nice guy and single.  Any suggestions on how to meet girls?


Dear Looking,

Um try the girl scouts.  Now if you want to meet women - we might be able to help.

Dear Eliters,

Whats with all the bad losers lately.  Those people who just abandon an RR or a game and mess everyone up?  Do they get nasty letters from Steve?  Especially since a lot of these players are TDs!  How can we stop this?

Sick of it

Dear Sick,

I can only speak for CribY where yes we note each such occurrence.  Steve takes care of business as needed.  Unfortunately, poor sportsmanship is not something we can control, although we all do promote good sportsmanship.  Use your player votes to acknowledge both good sportsmanship and poor.  It does make a difference.

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