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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 85
March 2010
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Eliters author in our midst

I have news that I am happy to share with Eliters. My first book has been published on April 2nd.  The Title is Alex’s Promise by A.K.Hensell  I do not have the official release date yet but the book can be ordered by going to the publishers site. Publishamerica.com.

I posted this info in the club for yahoo pino. DMDesiderata responded to my post . That is why I am sending you this email.
So here’s a little news about me. I am flitting_k to all my eliters friends, Kathy to my friends and A.K.Hensell as a published author  

For a short while I was TD in yahoo pino.  Believe it or not I was playing pino when I decided to write my first book!  Becoming an author was a long forgotten dream. Dreams come true! I wrote a book. A few pino players read parts of my work and liked what they read so I tried to get my work published. The challenge was given up after I found out the agent I had sent my work was up on charges of fraud. The book set collecting dust but the dream did not fade away. I sent the draft to several places before I found a publisher. And yes dreams do come true! I am now a published author.

Now with that said you are going ask what kind of book is it. They have it under fiction and mystery.
Next You will ask what is the book about. To answer that I am sending what is on the back cover of the book:
If you will allow me a moment of your day I will take you on a journey into the life of Alex Stevens, a man who has hidden in the shadows denying his gift of seeing until he meets an elderly woman, a woman who graced this world as school teacher now dyeing in a nursing home sadly forgotten by the world. Her deathbed request leaves Alex with an impossible task that will lead him to the house on 7th Street. The secrets buried within this decaying old relic, the secrets that kill and change forever the lives of those who dare uncover the past. 

flitting_k  (see the interview with Kathy for more information about her). 

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