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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 86
April 2010
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Staff Promotions

Congratulations to our hard working Staff members that earned new positions, received promotions, or returned to previously-held positions last month. Your contribution to Eliters is appreciated.

                  ge0rgette22 Asst Admin Backgammon Yahoo (Bgy)
                  marlastrauss1 Asst Admin Bowling Pogo (Bowlp)
                  timbowindsor Asst Admin Cribbage Pogo (Cribp)
                  maverickopp1 Asst Admin Cribbage Yahoo (Criby)
                  t102302 Asst Admin Dominoes Pogo (DOP)
                  elmwoodplebisr Asst Admin Pool Pogo (Poolp)
                  Jansjukebox Asst Admin

                  Spades Yahoo (Spady)

                  A very special congratulations to Fred (SlamDoc21) on his promotion to the position of GamesDesire Leagues Director.
                  Most of you know Fred from his work leading the DOD Team with a great success and from his intensive support to all Leagues through serving as SFTD for almost 3 years.

                  In this role, he will provide background support to the GameDesire leagues, including reviving many of the leagues in transition. He will also continue to support all Eliters leagues as SFTD. 

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