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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 87
May 2010
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Winners of New Beginnings Spring Badge

The following players all added this highly desirable badge to their collections - well done.

gatchelgirl angiendave84 Buskey1980 beancounter1244
DakotaStar33 wordmaker00 DMDesiderata hugsykiss1
halifax_bluesox kingdominoXL krahi61 watertowerman1
Pistonfvr1 reddogg2269 blue_max42 lazyzee
perfect29_1 zarmonster nuts_4_pino TWINBB
bumpjo ButterPecanPeachyPie MadamDixie7 elitersdrew
gsalt7 teufmom amybear167 lynchs97
cryptid annettelewis05 icestorm1910 kimnd470
crafty12514 noneed4games thejigster10 LB49079
springbyu tmeives91 carma069player halahco2
madbear2222 bdddy3183 omacando2001 Lemmy717
homercat6711 rigelo2 pastorthomasace rollr311
RENAULT939 Scrubie_Oh lpoolvally3 diffieman11
canadergurl linda_nz16 blr_man2000 khorseshoe
marlastrauss1 mermaidartist12 lynne2008 verysillyparty2003
drsally3 nottobadlol chrish340 peppperettte
branch.diamond michaela96666 SlamDoc21 babylove3435
joewall97526 ccspacepet noneedtosayghtome cutiepie19ca2002
butterflykutie stucky2355 robs_moon mazzi22
rodney_p_75154 heyuitsme2109 longlegs4ever1 kshighlanderr
native_jr1 ladyofkasnova playerwrb1236 capdowg04
marburgandy09 BeachPatV jackiemodica4 spazann
timbowindsor jseinfeld45 xspadezdevilx red776lady
aistre923 ummlizagain bobs_in_philly CAShortie
purdueman35 dburrer3519 one_baddoggy lillino367

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