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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 87
May 2010
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Pogo Bingo Luau (BingoLP) is a Blast!

We are happy to announce the start of a new Pogo League, Bingo Luau (Bingolp), available to all players.

We are so excited to see BingoLP highlighted in the Newsletter.  This league hosted it's first tourney on Tuesday, April 6th (Issa's Birthday), and we have been having a blast ever since.

Bingo Luau is a fun variation of "traditional" Bingo.  If you love playing Bingo, you will definitely enjoy playing Bingo Luau.

The game played is called "Blackout" (also known as "Coverall"). Each player is given 3 Bingo cards at the start of the game.  The goal of the game is to cover every square on one Bingo card and declare a successful First Bingo before anyone else does!  To declare Bingo, just click on the Bingo button for the card that has every square covered.

Marking Your Bingo Cards:

A daub (also known as a mark, or a stamp) will appear over the number, showing that you've successfully marked the number.  If you make a mistake, you can click again and the daub will disappear.
A letter goes along with each number to help you find the numbers on your card more quickly.

  • Letter B: numbers 1-15, left column on your Bingo cards.
  • Letter I: numbers 16-30, second to left column on your Bingo cards.
  • Letter N: numbers 31-45, middle column on your Bingo cards.
  • Letter G: numbers 46-60, second to right column on your Bingo cards.
  • Letter O: numbers 61-75, right column on your Bingo cards.

The numbers can appear in any order within a column, but the numbers 1-15 will always be in the B column, numbers 16-30 will always be in the I column, numbers 31-45 will always be in the N column, etc.
The square in the center is labeled "FREE", and you can mark that square at any time.

We are currently a class #5 league (the class assigned to all new leagues) and we are working hard to achieve class #3.  All Tourneys are played in the AA (Against All) Tourney Format.  In this format, each Player competes against all other Players. There will be only one Winner in each Tourney. The Winner is the first Player to declare a successful First Bingo (prior to the Bonus 5 additional numbers). In case no Eliters Player calls a successful First Bingo, the Players should continue with the Bonus 5 additional numbers; the Eliters Player who gets the Highest Number of Cards Bingo wins Tourney. We are limited to playing regular games as we haven't figured out a way to play "wonky" games because of Pogo restrictions.

If anyone has any questions about the game, just stop by and give it a whirl, everyone is willing to help out and we always love to see new Players.  As we are a new league, we are also looking for TDs to help us in hosting fun and enjoyable Tourneys. There are many benefits to becoming a TD, and it's alot of fun too! If you are interested in becoming a TD and helping BingoLP to grow, please complete a TD Application.

Remember, you don't have to be a Club Pogo member to play - everyone is welcome!

HA BingoLP

For more information on BingoLP click here

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