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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 87
May 2010
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People Updates

Our sincere condolences to verita1959 on the loss of both her parents within a few weeks of each other.

We also extend our condolences and support to rg101_ca  on the recent loss of his niece.

We were sad to learn that mysticdreamer71 had passed away. For more details please see the following message Message from jseinfeld45 Our deepest sympathies are extended to her family and friends.

Please also keep sacrificialvirgin in your prayers as she goes into surgery this week.

We also ask for healing thoughts and prayers for islandgirl531, dmdesiderata, and linda_nz16 as they deal with illness.

Mikey aka desiresno1 is apparently planning a major Eliters road trip in June. He will be stopping by to see as many Eliters as he can - we wish him safe travel and lots of fun on his journey.

Storms in the US - We have been experiencing some major weather over the last few days and it has had a direct impact on some of our members.

wonagametwice  - Well, after two rounds of devestating storms and flooding, I am preparing for the next one. If these continue, I may not be around for a day or two as many of our neighboring areas are flooding and I need to go to help out where we can.

A word of advice for anyone needing to go through Nashville...if you aren't flying, don't plan to get there anytime soon. Both I-24 and I-65 are halted due to cars floating around in the floods...and I am being serious. Over 5 inches of rain I believe I heard in just over two hours.

My family and I were in the "wall" of one of the cyclonic storms. Everything became still, no wind, no noise, no rain...just circling dark clouds right over our home. Not a very pleasant feeling.

Please pray for all of my neighbors and friends who are dealing with some major issues right now

CantFinkaOne  - I hope you are staying safe as well. We were under a few tornado warnings today as well (Thank goodness no major damage; just some trees down and minor structural damage). Flooding is a major concern here as well; I think it is like that much across the state.

Nashville is horrid right now. Earlier on Channel 2 News they were showing the interstates; it was unbelievable. Cars just floating around hitting each other; they actually confirmed one death in that incident. I heard that there was at least 7 feet of water standing on the interstate; you would not be able to tell it was one--it looks like a river. There was also water up an overpass in Nashville (just 2 feet below the overpass). All interstates coming through Nashville were closed at some points on the interstates.

Let's also not forget our friends out there in Memphis. They have had almost twice as much rain as Nashville and other parts in Middle Tennessee have had.

They are calling more rain for tonight and another big rain tomorrow with an additional 3-5" in some areas.

Everyone PLEASE stay safe and stay weather alert! 

Baby Dylan (remember the one who wasn't expected to survive more than a few hours) successfully weathered surgery and is doing really well.  The kid is a fighter and cutiepie19ca2002  couldn't be a prouder aunt!

To all Eliters - just because your name isn't mentioned here doesn't mean we don't care - just means I don't know.  So please please share your joys, your tribulations and maybe even just some fun gossip.  We love to hear what is going on in your lives.

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