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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 87
May 2010
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Top 10 Reasons to be a TD

One of my top reasons to be an Eliters TD is the comedic entertainment!!  As you are in lobby waiting to post pairs etc... instead of concentrating on the game you are playing you have your full attention available to witness things in the lobby such as the following... of course as you do, you capture them and save for a day when you can post in the newsletter *hehe*
Witnessed in BGP 03/18/2009
*beancounter1244 has entered the room*
wiggles0317: hiya bean!
peg4awin: hi bean
(few minutes passes)
beancounter1244: hi bean
beancounter1244: opps
beancounter1244: I am bean

Bean is going to kill me but I did tell her there was a day it would be submitted...whether it is used or not... Wiggles0317   

I guess that I just thoroughly enjoy Hosting for Eliters.  I have a lot of fub and thus so do the players and it seems they enjoy playing as much as I do hosting as evidenced by more than 1,750 Tourneys in my first year as TD as of April 13.

One night in the lobby, I was typing too quickly and typed "HOPE YOU HAD FUB".  An obvious typo but the players commented and laughed about this for several minutes especially when I added "Fub is Bowlp code for fun".  Now fub is used all the time rather than fun.
When new players come in and ask "what is fub?", the whole issue of the origin comes up again.

This is what we are here for right.  TO HAVE FUB! 

Have Fun With Friends. From experience: My friends and I in Euchy were all in a voice chat during my first milestone. Did I mention it was my FIRST!! And I had a very decent amount of players in--at least mid 20s--and, well, all the people in the chat had it planned out to BUZZ me at the same time on Yahoo Messenger. I was already freaking out as it was because of so many players. Well they all buzzed me at the tourney start time, and POOF I go. My computer locks up and everything. :( All I could do was laugh.. And I still do to this day. MEMORIES AND MOMENTS LIKE THIS IS WHAT TD'ING IS ALL ABOUT!!! :) By the way.. I lived during that first tourney :)

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