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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 89
July 2010
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People Updates

Congratulations to Fayeherald6840 on the publication of her book Spirit Driven.    "This book is about my experiences on my path to Salvation,” Savage explained. “I am 52 years old and I started this journey five years ago. When I began I was broken and alone; I had lost my will to go on. And one day I heard a voice calling me. I answered and so began my journey. This book is for everyone out there who feels that no one understands."   If you are interested in obtaining a copy of her book, just click on her profile for more information.

Our friend ZionPolitician78  suffered the unexpected loss of his cousin.  Our prayers go out to Jason and his family.Jason's message 

Our deepest condolences are extended to the family and friends on the passing of  flawed_pur_fection02

I have just learned of the death of Flawsy (flawed_pur_fection02). She died peacefully on June 9. Those of us who knew her will miss her wonderful wit and her skill with the bones.

Farewell Sara - we will miss you.  ChouetteLady  

She was much loved and will be missed by her many friends in Eliters.

One of our Eliters amanut123 and her two daughters participated in the Relay for Life walk on the night of 19th June.  She walked an amazing 8 miles, and her daughters walked 17 and 15 miles respectively.  They are a true inspiration to the rest of us.  She said she hurt in every place possible but her spirits were soaring from the experience.

Please keep our dear friend Josh (joshhoutonis) and his wife Lisa and family in your thoughts and prayers. His wife Lisa said it was ok to share this sad news with the team.
Josh is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries he received in a serious work accident. He was at a nuclear power station in Chicago walking through it with the plant manager inspecting it. A valve burst and hit him in the chest. Josh has 3rd degree burns all over his body and a burst lung a broken collar bone and three broken ribs along with radiation poisoning.
Thanks So Much!  - Jr. -AA Euchy

Please also keep noveece in your prayers as she continues to work on the recovery process.  Rumour is that she is spending the time with a dictionary in hand!

elsa374 is also recovering well - for more details read Marla's message.

boneboneyard's grandfather passed away suddenly on the 30th June.  Please keep Frank and his family in your hearts.

On a cheerier note, MagicBeer08  and his partner are anxiously waiting for the birth of their daughter - " My partner is due to give birth on 23td July, but baby is sitting very low now, so it might not go the distance. The scan said its a Girl, and the name will be Lily Anne".  We wish her an easy delivery and a healthy baby girl.

I can report that crittermilker  and his bride are thoroughly enjoying their honeymoon in Europe and will be taking the scenic route home.  Congrats again Lennie and Judith.

Just a reminder folks, I really need your help in getting news out to our readers.  Just drop me a line and I will be more than happy to include it in the newsletter.

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