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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 89
July 2010
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Need a YEP or two?

Are you a little short on YEPs?  Have you tried to win them and well, mostly lost them but had fun while you were at it?  Begging isn't an option - but wait - there are ways to increase your supply! 

YEPs Free Refill -- If you are a Gold+ Premium Member, and you run out of YEPs (Maximum Balance of 100 YEPs), you may Get Extra YEPs Free.   The number of allowed Free Refills and the Value of each Refill depends on the Membership Level:

  • Gold 500 YEPs once every 3 months
  • Platinum and Diamond 1000 YEPs once every 3 months

Another option is to EARN THEM!  

  • Every New Member in Eliters will receive FREE 500 YEPs upon registration.
  • Gold Plus (Gold, Platinum and Diamond) Premium Members (excluding Recurring Subscriptions) will get an additional Free 500 - 5000 YEPs Bonus as soon as they buy a new Membership or upgrade their present one.  Premium Members also receive the Daily Activity Bonus of 1 to 20 YEPs for Every Match played.
  • Top finishers in any Eliters hosted Tournament receive a % of the Tournament YEPs pot.  Certain Tournaments will have Bonus YEPs added by the hosting TD.  You can also earn YEPs in special Events, such as Weekly Welcome Tourneys for New Players, monthly TOC, PAT, Decathlon, Olympics, Marathons, BOS, and ELIC tourneys.   Premium Members will receive extra Bonuses for the TOC, and Olympics Events. 
  • Eliters also has special occasions such as Anniversary, Seasonal and Holidays celebrations.
  • Remember Marathons, Decathlons and Olympics events can result in really big payouts, so go for it!

Another way to Earn YEPs is to Promote Eliters.  Premium Members will receive Double the Referral Bonuses.

You can also become a Tournament Director (TD).  This is a great way to earn YEPs, make a few friends and also give back to our league.  As a tournament director you get:

  • Tourney Share:  up to 10% of the pot, Plus 2% of the pot if you are a Team Leader
  • Performance Bonuses paid by the HA and Marathon bonuses for hosting the highest number of tourneys or securing the highest number of Players during the marathon. 
  • Cash Performance Bonuses for reaching goals of hosting more than 30 tourneys, generating more than 15,000 YEPs, or securing a high averagle player rate in your tourneys each week. 
  • Weekly Bonuses for Gold+ TDs based on the Total TD Tourney Share  (Gold: 10% , Platinum: 25% , Diamond: 50%) 

As a last resort - you can do it the old tried and true way - BUY them

  • In order to purchase YEPs or Premium membership -  use the Premium screen or simply click on this  Link to purchasing YEPs or Premium Membership.
  • We can purchase Memberships or various increments of YEPs using PayPal, Worldpay, Western Union or Moneybookers.  Worldpay is a simple credit card transaction and takes effect almost immediately, as does PayPal and Moneybookers once your account is set up and validated.
  • Gold Memberships can be set up on a Quarterly basis and recur automatically.
  • Platinum and Diamond Memberships can be set up on a Monthly basis and recur automatically.
  • Individual YEPs packages (from 1000-5000 YEPs) can be purchased separately.

So whether you choose to purchase YEPs directly or through buying a Premium Membership, it can be accomplished relatively easily.

Best Option - Become a Tourney Director and support Eliters while having fun!  You are needed and wanted!  Give back to Eliters  and help it grow!

For more information on becoming a TD click here

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