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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 90
August 2010
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Winners of the Tropical Eliters Summer Badge

Congratulations to the following winners:

cammie_ace2005 elitecriblou haha2105 red776lady
zarmonster franinseattle metrytooB BobbiAnderson19
elitersdrew Real6Bonz synt4x_synt4x eterraccino
kingdominoXL jj4freespeech FeveroftheWorld KaylaPineo
annettelew05 gatchelgirl richjb54 markanthonymd
zmmm3221 icestorm1910 refereedrake summer_dreamer2007
crispy1007 michaela96666 omacando2001 darkangel_110
drsally3 springbyu wordmaker00 hibabyitsme
timbowindsor my76elci robs_moon xspadezdevilx
singlesoulie one_baddoggy rocking9ball catnap4755
coachri01 Kirsty070686 Pistonfvr1 greenman569
gsalt7 hannah_08nz nottobadlol vtspirit1
TriptheLimit22 xdestinyxtc kimnd470 eatmorekat
perfect29_1 watertowerman1 cryptid lstreat_2000
peppperettte Max_80_80_2000 kshighlanderr angelsiluv54
canadergurl xxSpoilerxx2000 MadamDixie7 purdueman35
marburgandy09 AnthonyWon9 verita1959 master_of_yours77
jimnanke capgunbullet72 mermaidartist12 Buskey1980
blue_max42 ottolini1 amybear167 kimnavy1977
linda_nz16 moore_marriot amanut123 capdowg04
teufmom anyone4agame playmate_annie marlastrauss1
aistre923 p_nuck_nut69 kygirlof1 juliebayougal
WeatherwLOLZ kalamzoomodel2 krahi61 ssmuffin1775
ris0319 rigelo2 noneed4games sissysue726
BeachPatV homercat6711 dino23r boo21487

Click here for complete standings

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