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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 91
September 2010
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2 YEPs worth

I don't know about you but I was raised in a house where everyone shared the same bathroom, and frankly, we were happy to have one inside.  We didn't know granite counter tops from a hole in the wall.  My only real recollection of the many homes we lived in was the huge black stoep in Windhoek (porch I guess to you), the poinsettia outside my bedroom in Lichtenburg (a miserable town if there ever was one) and the wrought iron stairs in the last house we shared as a family.  If you read magazines or watch the tv shows, you would believe that something was seriously lacking in your life if you didn't have the stainless steel appliances, walk in closets and all that stuff that they want to sell us as the ultimate life style.

What I do remember about my childhood are the times we shared as a family.  Lots of laughter, lots of braais (or barbecues except a braai is better), lots of squabbling, and sometimes out and out fighting.  But when things got tough we all stood as one.  We knew who we were and where we belonged, and what we could become. 

I still don't have granite counter tops.  I may never.  But I have learnt that none of this really matters.  It is not what you have that matters, it is how you live. 

Yes times are tough, but somehow we are all still here chugging along.  The sun still rises and sets in great beauty.  The birds still chirp and the flowers still blossom.  My cat still likes me (most of the time) and I have a wonderful, warm, loving  husband. 

Friends and family - that is what matters!

And that is why Eliters matters!


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